Recent anti-Christian ‘news,’ editorial examples expose corruption of Canadian media

By Jonathon Van Maren

Canadian conservatives often complain about the state of the country’s airtight progressive media; Liberals like to scoff this off as conspiracy. But the reality is that Canada’s media has moved so far left that an anti-Christian bias is simply taken for granted.

Take, for example, a headline in the National Post, once considered a right-leaning paper founded by the Catholic newspaper baron Conrad Black: “Odious speech is ‘the price we pay for our freedom,’ B.C. Supreme Court says in ruling.” The court ruled that the City of New Westminster had violated the free expression of a church by cancelling a contract with Grace Chapel for a youth conference because a facilitator, Kari Simpson, “was an anti-LGBTQ advocate.”

New Westminster had made the case that even if there was no hate speech involved, “the low value of expression supports the reasonableness of the cancellation.” The judge disputed this, stating that once “governments begin to argue that the expression of some ideas are less valuable than others, we find ourselves on dangerous ground.”

Reading the headline, I assumed that the Post was quoting the judge, but no. What Justice Maria Morellato said was this: “In a free and democratic society, the exchange and expression of diverse and often controversial or unpopular ideas may cause discomfort. It is, in a sense, the price we pay for our freedom.” The Post took “diverse, controversial, and unpopular”—which is an accurate way to describe the traditional view of sexuality—and rendered that as “odious” in their headline.


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