Facebook targets abortion pill reversal ads in Ireland after shutting them down in US

By Jonathon Van Maren

Just weeks after a documentary was released detailing how Big Tech interfered in the 2018 abortion referendum in Ireland, The Irish Times is reporting that Facebook Ireland will be launching an investigation into advertisements for abortion pill reversal. Abortion pill reversal (APR) entails women receiving progesterone to reverse the effects of the first abortion pill and save the preborn child (you can listen to one of the doctors who pioneered the procedure describe the process, which has saved over 2,500 babies, here.)

According to Irish pro-life activist Niamh Uí Bhriain of Life Institute, this is another example of the pro-abortion elites colluding to push the abortion agenda.

“The abortion clinical lead referred to by The Irish Times was a leading voice to have pro-life laws overturned in Ireland — and much of the reporting on abortion pill reversal in this country as elsewhere seems to be driven by three factors,” she told me. “Firstly, it seems that abortion advocates are adamantly opposed to any measure that might reduce the number of abortions. This is in stark contradiction to the public’s view — most people do not want more abortions to take place.”

“Secondly,” Uí Bhriain noted, “progesterone has been used to help women avoid miscarriages for decades. Why is it suddenly being claimed that it is dangerous? And thirdly, why is it that the abortion industry, which is meant to be based on the premise of giving women ‘choice,’ wants to deny women the right to reverse and abortion and have their baby?”


One thought on “Facebook targets abortion pill reversal ads in Ireland after shutting them down in US

  1. Navi says:

    Abortion activists’ crusade against APR is especially cruel in light of coerced abortions and mifepristone poisoning – both of which will be inevitable as abortion pills are further deregulated.

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