Texas governor declares sex changes for kids “abuse,” the World Economic Forum (and other stories)

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First, here’s Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner with an interesting piece on the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab that lends valuable perspective to a lot of the theories flying around out there. For another, more concerned perspective on this same subject, do take the time to read Paul Kingsnorth’s excellent essay on the same subject—he’s more worried that Garner is, but he also debunks a lot of the more wild-eyed conspiracy theories going around.


This isn’t news to those of us who have been following the data, but it has once again been proven that getting married early is a good thing—as long as you don’t live together first. Cohabitation is inimical to marriage, contrary to the mythmaking of the under-committed.


Good news from the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition: Washington State’s expansion of euthanasia is dead.


New Zealand continues to expand her abortion regime. The latest:

A free 24-hour abortion helpline will be rolled out nationwide where people can be prescribed medication over the phone to end pregnancies. The service – called 0800 DECIDE – will be run by Family Planning and the Women’s Clinic. It will be funded by the Health Ministry to the tune of $3.5 million over four years.

From 26 April, people will be able to call the number for information or to be referred for an abortion. Counselling and follow-up care will be available from 1 July.


Transgender insanity continues to put women at risk. The latest:

A violent male serial killer who murdered three women is currently being housed at the Washington Correctional Center for Women after securing a transfer under self-identification laws.  Donna Rebecca Perry, born Douglas Robert Perry, murdered three prostituted women in a four-month timeframe in 1990.

Yolanda Sapp, 26, Nicki Lowe, 34, and Kathleen Brisbois, 38, were all murdered with a gun and their naked bodies were found disposed near the Spokane River. Perry avoided suspicion following the heinous murders, and fled to Thailand in 2000 to undergo gender reassignment surgeries, after which he successfully concealed his identity for years.

Read the whole thing if you think you can stomach it.


Meanwhile, good news from Texas, where the governor has declared that transgender drugs and surgeries are child abuse and ordered an investigation:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott directed all state agencies to consider transgender drugs and surgeries for minors as illegal child abuse after an opinion from state Attorney General Ken Paxton declared that the practices violate Texas law.

In a letter Tuesday, Abbott also ordered the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) to launch investigations into “any reported instances of Texas children being subjected to abusive gender-transitioning procedures,” the governor’s office said.

Read the whole thing. Good news for a change.


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