Parents are right to be angry about the LGBT colonization of children’s spaces

By Jonathon Van Maren

We are being treated once again to another round of mainstream media columns assuring us that those who are disturbed by the LGBT movement’s ongoing overtures to children are either crazy, bigoted, or both. This is accompanied by a wealth of evidence that those with concerns about the LGBT’s colonization of nearly all cultural spaces are terrifyingly sane.

In Bismarck, North Dakota, for example, a drag show is being marketed to kids. “Just a Brunch of Kings and Queens” attracted the attention of parents on social media after the event, advertised for “all ages” but “best suited for 13+” (to be held at the Bismarck Ramada Heritage Ballroom on June 18), noted that they’d be hosting teen speakers and donating the proceeds of the drag show to LGBT causes.

Reread that carefully: This is a drag show, advertised for “all ages.” Anyone who had predicted this ten or twenty years ago would have been called a liar by the very people happily hosting teen LGBT events and drag shows to kids.

Despite growing pushback from GOP governors like Florida’s Ron DeSantis, major corporations are still doing everything they can to wrap themselves in the rainbow flag. Pride Month is approaching, which means that the queering of every business and bank on main street is just around the corner. Few, however, will manage to top Target. From Bustle:

The superstore, known for their quick-to-sell fashion collabs, has released two new collaborations ahead of Pride month, launching accessible, gender-affirming products for everybody and every body. What makes these collaborations different from every other rainbow-splattered product at your local dollar store? Target partnered with TomboyX and Humankind — two queer-owned, female-founded brands — to create these much-needed lines.

The TomboyX collab features undergarments like compression tops (a comfortable, less restrictive type of chest binder), as well as packing underwear, bras, and boyshorts in size S-4X. Humankind’s line, on the other hand, includes various swimsuit styles such as swim trunks, tops, and unisuits. As binders and gender-affirming swimsuits are notoriously difficult to find (particularly in extended sizes), this accessible drop will make shopping for everyday garments much easier.

Let me translate that for you. “Compression tops” and “chest binders” are for girls who identify as boys to flatten their breasts in an attempt to “pass” as male, often causing themselves permanent tissue damage. “Packing underwear, bras, and boyshirts” are articles of clothing replete with fake genitals. So a “packing underwear” would be worn by a girl attempting to pass as a boy to make it appear that she has a penis; a “packing bra” would be worn by a boy attempting to pass as a girl with breasts.

Target is marketing fake genitals to kids to wear to the beach and elsewhere so they can cosplay the opposite sex. Perhaps they can wear these accessories to the drag shows now being organized for them.

The clothing brand Calvin Klein went even further, publishing an advertisement of a “pregnant man” with visible mastectomy scars for Mother’s Day. The “man,” of course, is a woman who has had her breasts surgically removed but not her uterus, which is why she can still carry and birth a child. She does feature a full beard and a more masculine face, likely due to hormone therapy. As I noted in a previous column, these stories, photos, and ads are intended to reduce the shock people instinctively feel so that eventually, they will hear the phrase “pregnant man” and simply shrug.

The damage all of this is doing to the upcoming generation is becoming apparent, month by month. City Journal recently published an analysis of a new study used by the New York Times to insist that sex change treatments for kids were necessary, noting that it actually proves quite the opposite. At some point very soon, the photos of women with ugly scars where their breasts used to be are not going to be featured in glamor shots—but in articles warning about the consequences of the transgender craze.

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