World Health Organization guidelines written by abortion activists (and other stories)

A roundup of news and commentary from around the interwebs.


Once again, Samuel James hits the nail on the head in his Substack column “How to save men.” An excerpt:

Our contemporary crisis of masculinity is not merely a partisan skirmish. It stems from a holistic loss of moral vision. The ambition to reign over one’s instincts with self-control and use one’s strength to promote and preserve that which is truly valuable is near to the heart of true masculinity. This vision of manhood is about defending virtue as necessary for human civilization.

Two revolutions—the sexual revolution and the digital revolution—have radically redefined how Western society discerns this masculine calling. Disconnecting the vital links between covenant and sex and between sex and children catechizes men away from orienting their lives toward the flourishing of others. Meanwhile, the rise of meaningless, impersonal information labor and the omnipresence of digital amusements induces a particularly masculine kind of despair at the transient and unreal character of day-to-day life.

Please do read the whole thing.


Samuel James has a column that some of you might find helpful: “How I Would Explain a Christian View of Transgenderism to a Non-Christian.”


One Canadian bank has apologized to a Freedom Convoy trucker for freezing his bank account. Apologies from Trudeau’s government are not forthcoming (and won’t be.)


A breaking story about Susan B. Anthony List, America’s most influential pro-life group, from National Review: “Exclusive: Pro-Life Susan B. Anthony List Rebrands and Begins Expansion.”


Another good piece from Alexandra DeSanctis emphasizes the need for empathy and understanding: “Understanding the Human Cry behind the Pro-Abortion Cause.”


From C-Fam: “Global South Revolts Against Western Sexual Agenda at World Health Assembly.” Not that this will halt the West’s rainbow-spangled cultural colonialism, mind you. It’s Pride Month after all.


Also from C-Fam: “WHO Abortion Guidelines Written and Funded by Abortion Activists.” An excerpt:

Earlier this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) published guidelines calling for legal abortion on demand through all stages of pregnancy and limiting the ability of doctors to conscientiously object.  A new analysis shows the influence of abortion groups in drafting the document.

The analysis, by the Strasbourg-based European Center for Law and Justice (ECLJ), found that of the 121 experts consulted by the WHO for help developing the guideline, more than 80 were either abortion activists or paid by abortion-promoting groups.

Within the WHO itself, many of the authors previously worked for groups promoting abortion, such as Ipas, the Population Council, the Center for Reproductive Rights, and the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

Does any of that even remotely surprise you?


More soon.

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