Drag queen who danced for kids charged with 25 counts of child pornography

By Jonathon Van Maren

In 2019, the Houston Public Library admitted that a registered child sex offender had been reading to children as part of their Drag Queen Storytime program. In 2020, UK Drag Queen Storytime tweeted out the pedophile slogan “Love has no age.” In 2021, a sponsor of Drag Queen Storytime in Milwaukee was arrested on child pornography charges. And this year, a Pennsylvania drag queen named Brice Patric Ryschon Williams, who has danced explicitly for children, was charged with 25 counts of child pornography in Pennsylvania. Williams identifies as a “genderqueer social worker” and is a well-known LGBT activist.

Williams’ home was raided on June 23 after the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children sent a tip to the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General’s Child Predator Section in May, alerting them to the fact that 76 files with child pornography had been put in a Dropbox account under the name “Anastasia Diamond,” Williams’ drag queen name. The search of Williams’ home confirmed at least 25 child porn files in his bedroom, and Williams has been charged with both 25 counts of child pornography as well as 18 counts of “criminal use of a communications facility,” with a $100,000 bail that Williams cannot pay.

This report comes amidst a heated debate over the sexualization of children (which we have been covering in detail in this space). Some think that the entire debate is a fictional culture war story people thought up to get rage clicks—but there really are people defending explicit drag shows for kids. Consider this recent column in the Washington Post, which is an exercise is gaslighting if I’ve ever read one:

Proponents of recent state education bills known to critics as “don’t say gay” legislation argued that their issue wasn’t with LGBTQ people. It was about parental rights and parents wanting to control what their young children were being taught in public schools. But parental rights are not an issue here. Nobody is forcing any parent to take their child to a Drag Queen Story Hour. The children who do attend are not being exposed to pornography. They are being exposed to children’s books for children.

The uproar over such a sincerely wholesome event makes it plain what the issue really is: not parental rights. Not sexualization. Not the content of what the drag queens are reading to the kids. It’s the existence of drag queens. It’s the idea that someone might present in a way that was at odds with a certain vision of how men or women should dress or present or behave. “The mainstreaming of drag in general is a terrible development,” a research fellow with the Heritage Foundation wrote on Twitter. “Even if it’s legal it’s abhorrent.”

…In any case, this current drama has two clear sides. On one side you have flamboyant, dramatic characters who are trying to mess with the minds of children. And on the other side you have drag queens.


8 thoughts on “Drag queen who danced for kids charged with 25 counts of child pornography

  1. Kitty Bridgeman says:

    All of this is just a shit show. Nothing children of ANY age should be exposed to…Ever. transgenders…drag queens or ANY of these LOST SOULS, has a clue about children. STAY AWAY FROM GODS CHILDREN. PERIOD.

    • Terry says:

      The Biggest Sexual Offender of Children are Pedophile Priests and Pedophile Nuns and Other Laymen and Clergy in the Church. Tens of thousands of Children have been sexually abused and mutilate by the Catholics, who have effectively swept that under the rug for year and years, or buried it in the church yards or basements. There is a reason the Catholic Church sold its soul to Demonic Donny in exchange for 6 KKKatholics on the the SSupreme KKKourt, KKKatholics are mere 18% the population in the United States, but they go a 66.6% SSupreme rule now!! The Billions upon Billions spent by the KKKatholics to get control of the SSupreme KKKangaroo KKKourt will come in real handy in the future as they bury more kids in the Church yards.

      • kevin says:

        actually priests have a close to half the molestation rate to that of teachers, per capita
        so let’s say there’s 100 priests and 1000 teachers, the teachers are responsible for 20 times the number, if there’s a 100 priests and 100 teachers, the teachers are responsible for about 190% of molestations as priests
        it’s not priests pushing tranSEXUAL (the original and true term for these people) it’s teachers, the drag queens are doing crotch jiggles and thrusts towards toddlers over in england while in bondage gear, and dylan mulvaney is singing “normalize the bulge in women” because he wants to be considered a woman when he changed nothing except that he wears a dress and used to call himself a gay man
        also biden has been seen soooooooooo many times sniffing children or groping people, on camera
        trump on the other hand was hated by jeffrey epstein 😀

      • deftriddle says:

        Deflection is a tactic where someone avoids criticism or blame by shifting the focus or responsibility onto something or someone else. Of course there’s been a bunch of priests guilty of abusing children. But it’s irrelevant to the current situation. What Brice Patric Ryschon Williams did is still wrong.

  2. Brian R says:

    I don’t need to say anymore then what Kevin says and the fact that he adds KKK to Catholic shows his true colors. Catholics have done a tremendous amount of good in the world probably more then any group. Universities, orphanages, hospitals and fighting bigotry. Many of them supported civil rights. Jesus made the harshest rebuke against those that harmed children,”it would be better to have a millstone wrapped around your neck and be thrown in the ocean.” Those priests that did that is shameful and hurts me to think about it. Come on Pedophile Nuns that’s insane and not even worth commenting on.

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