Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon schools Joe Rogan on abortion

In a longform conversation, Seth Dillon and Joe Rogan go back and forth on abortion. Dillon responds with clarity, grace, and intelligence–and Rogan is forced to think. Watch this. It is worth every minute:


One thought on “Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon schools Joe Rogan on abortion

  1. Navi says:

    Great discussion and episode all around. The problem the left has with people like Joe Rogan isn’t that he’s a fire-breathing social conservative, but that he gives them a fair shake. This is true with Fox News to an extent as well – they’re not dogmatically pro-abortion, but you’ll have to go somewhere like OANN (who, as Rogan pointed out, are goofballs) to get a proper counter-balance against the constant, aggressive pro-abortion narrative pushed by the rest of the mainstream media. The abortion lobby’s letter from last week is a case in point.

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