Trudeau gov’t to provide up to $75k for ‘trans surgeries’ for federal employees in new medical deal

By Jonathon Van Maren

The Trudeau government is throwing more taxpayer dollars at the transgender lobby, this time in the form of a deal with unions to add up to $75,000 in coverage for “gender-affirming care” to the Public Service Health Care Plan.  

“Gender-affirming care” is the Orwellian phrase trans activists use to describe sex change surgeries and hormone therapy. The deal comes after four years of negotiations. The Partners Committee of the Public Service Health Care Plan sent its recommendation to the Treasure Board on August 3.  

According to a Trudeau government press release from August 8: 

The modernized plan provides enhanced support for members at no additional cost to taxpayers.

New features of the Plan include increased support for mental health and well-being, such as increased coverage for psychological services and an expansion of mental health service providers. For the first time, coverage would be available for gender affirmation, placing the Government of Canada as a leader in modernized employee health care benefits.

The new lifetime plan will cover almost 1.5 million people in the federal public service, including retirees. Mona Fortier, the president of the Treasury Board, stated that the new pro-transgender plan was yet more evidence of Canada’s cutting edge approach to these issues.  

“Our employees, current and former, will benefit from one of the most modern public sector health care plans in the world, with support for mental health services and gender affirmation, in keeping with our commitment to stand up for diversity and inclusion in the public service,” she stated.  


One thought on “Trudeau gov’t to provide up to $75k for ‘trans surgeries’ for federal employees in new medical deal

  1. Megan Leduc says:

    What about the women who have suffered with body issues their entire lives? Those who are flat chested, no hips or butt. There are young girls committing suicide for not looking Instagram worthy. Why do they not get the same?

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