Maryland judge rules that teachers can “protect” kids from parents and transition them (& other stories)

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This report from The Rebel, “Father exposes child grooming books in Canadian schools,” is just appalling. If you’re a parent, read it. Oh, and make sure you keep an eye on what your children sign out from the public library, too—this stuff has been pushed onto every shelf.


Post-Roe, the pro-abortion Left has increasingly affirmed that they are…well, pro-abortion. According to Axios, Yelp will now be flagging listings for crisis pregnancy centers to reduce the number of women going in for help with crisis pregnancy centers. To folks like Elizabeth Warren, a dead baby is the only acceptable outcome to a crisis pregnancy.


A judge in Maryland just ruled that schools can hide from parents information about their children—such as whether they want to “transition”:

A judge on Thursday dismissed a complaint against the Montgomery County school board by parents who alleged that the system’s student gender-identity guidelines violated their state and constitutional rights.

Three parents, who filed anonymously in 2020 against the Montgomery County Board of Education (MCBE), argued that the guidelines curtailed their ability “to direct the care, custody, education, and control of their minor children,” under the Fourteenth Amendment, according to a memorandum opinion. The parents said that the Montgomery County Public School “2020-2021 Guidelines for Student Gender Identity” were designed to work around parental involvement “in a pivotal decision” in their children’s lives and that the guidelines enable school personnel to allow children “to transition socially to a different gender identity at school” without parents’ notice or consent.

In the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, Judge Paul W. Grimm sided with the MCBE’s argument that the guidelines advance the state’s goal of protecting students’ safety and privacy, according to the memo. “MCBE certainly has a legitimate interest in providing a safe and supportive environment for all MCPS students, including those who are transgender and gender nonconforming,” Grimm said in the memo. “And the Guidelines are certainly rationally related to achieving that result.”

In short: this judge is commissioning teachers and school staff to “protect” children from their parents. First, educators present trans ideology. Then, kids decide they wish to transition. Finally, the school transitions the kids without telling the parents, who they have decided might be a danger to their own kids. And this judge says that state of affairs is just dandy. Here’s Rod Dreher’s take on the situation: “The state hates families.”


This, by the way, is what “gender affirming care” looks like. Viewer discretion advised—this is very graphic stuff:


It is these horrors that has led the American Academy of Pediatrics to change their mind on these “treatments.” From the Wall Street Journal:

We are thrilled that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) agrees that the “vast majority of children” who get “gender-affirming care” shouldn’t be treated with hormones and surgery, and in fact, need “the opposite” (Letters, Aug. 22). Today, however, when pediatricians refer gender dysphoric minors to gender clinics for assessment, they are effectively sending them to be medically transitioned.

A recent study from Seattle Children’s Hospital shows that within 12 months of the initial consult, 66% of adolescents had already been put on “gender-affirming” hormonal interventions. This likely understates the problem: Several states, including California, have passed laws that effectively ban psychotherapy designed to help youth feel comfortable in their bodies, calling it “conversion therapy.”

Read the whole thing.


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