WestJet caves to the transgender activists

By Jonathon Van Maren

Several times over the past couple of years, the Canadian airline service WestJet has found itself in the crosshairs of LGBT activists. Back in 2018, a man identifying as a woman publicly accused WestJet of bigotry after an airline agent was understandably confused between the gender on his identification and the gender he presented as. Despite a hasty and groveling apology from the airline, Trudeau’s then-Transportation Minister Marc Garneau got involved immediately, instructing his staff to contact the airline and express his displeasure to ensure that “measures are taken to prevent this type of incident from reoccurring.”

A staffer for Garneau stated solemnly that: “Canadians are proud of our country’s diversity and inclusion. Minister [Marc] Garneau strongly believes that passengers must feel safe to be themselves when travelling and is very upset about this incident.” The minister did not say what, exactly, agents were supposed to do when the person’s visual ID did not match their physical appearance since ID is supposed to…well, identify.

Apologies, of course, are never enough when the goal of the accusers is to remake society according to their ideology. They don’t want someone to say sorry — they want to overhaul entire industries to reflect their worldview. This year, trans activists accused WestJet of violating their human rights for declining to provide an “x” option for those who have moved past the binary, no longer identify as male or female, and are waiting for us to catch up. Despite how swiftly society has scrambled in line with the diktats of the gender ideologues, nothing will be good enough until everything has thoroughly transitioned and we are all presenting as if we believed what they believe.


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