Follow the science: Devout married people experience the most sexual satisfaction

By Jonathon Van Maren

The mantra of progressives over the past two years has been constant: Follow the science. Not, of course, on gender ideology, or on embryology, or anything else that conflicts with their political agenda. But when it is convenient, follow the science.

In addition to the choosy “follow the science” attitude, progressives insist that they are “sex-positive” and that the sexual revolution has freed people to pursue whichever pleasures they like without restriction or moral boundary. People have been liberated, we are told, to be happy. Legions of slimy magazines are available at every checkout counter with advice as to the sorts of sexual acrobatics that might be required to achieve this elusive happiness.

But if we are going to follow the science and pursue happiness with regards to sex, progressives are in for a nasty shock. Some of you may remember the study that was released in 2019 indicating that the happiest of all American wives consider themselves religious conservatives. Another recent study found that those who waited for marriage to have sex and slept with only one person had the highest levels of sexual satisfaction and the best quality marriages.

Another study, published this year in the Journal of Sex Research, again adds to this growing body of research. The study found that those with strong religious beliefs “have higher levels of sexual satisfaction” and that “the findings by the British National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles indicate religious individuals enjoy the bedroom more.” As the New York Post summed up the findings: “For good sex, turns out you’ve got to have faith.”


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