The world is recoiling at the horrors of the Canada’s euthanasia regime

By Jonathon Van Maren

Over the past two years, Canada’s euthanasia regime has gone from a hidden horror show to an internationally recognized horror show. The global headlines have been both brutal and damning.

From a Latin American news outlet: “Canadians Turn to Euthanasia as Solution to Unbearable Poverty.” From the staunchly left-wing Guardian: “Are Canadians being driven to assisted suicide by poverty or healthcare crisis?” From the Associated Press: “‘Disturbing’: Experts troubled by Canada’s euthanasia laws.” From the UK’s Spectator: “Why is Canada euthanizing the poor?” From Brazil’s Rio Times: “Canadian government pays poor who can’t ‘live with dignity’ to commit suicide.”

As Justin Trudeau famously announced before all of this came to pass: “Canada is back.”

Even the normally domesticated Canadian press has been reacting in horror to the stories leaking out of our euthanasia regime, like blood under a hospital room door. Although it must be pointed out, with a few notable exceptions such as Andrew Coyne, the press championed the legalization of assisted suicide, obediently switched to using the euphemism “MAiD” (Medical Assistance in Dying) when asked, and generally celebrated the decision as the next step for progressivism.

Despite all evidence presented by the disability community, mental health professionals, and pro-life activists, we were repeatedly told that what is currently happening would never happen. Some were tragically wrong. Some were lying.

Now even the Toronto Star – Canada’s largest and most liberal newspaper – is starting to realize that we may have made an awful mistake. A September news item is titled “’Hunger Games style social Darwinism’: Why disability advocates are worried about new assisted suicide laws.”


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