‘Trans women are women’: National Hockey League embarrasses itself

By Jonathon Van Maren

On November 22, the National Hockey League (NHL) had an announcement: 


One of the first replies summed up much of the reaction:


The NHL was swift to respond:


None of that, of course, actually means anything. As Matt Walsh memorably put it: “What is a woman?”

If a woman is merely an identity to be donned and discarded at the whim of those who wield it, and is only incidental to biological reality, then what is someone identifying as if they are calling themselves a woman?

In response to that question, we merely get the chanted liturgies of our culture’s rainbow high priests: Trans women are women. Trans women are womenTrans women are women. 

As for nonbinary identity, it has to be the most unsophisticated boondoggle yet perpetrated by the LGBT movement. If one is neither male nor female, can he or she merely select whichever team they feel like playing on? As Douglas Murray noted, there is very little difference between identifying as non-binary and shouting “Look at me! Look at me!” 


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