“Abortion chaperone” mocks aborted baby in viral TikTok video

By Jonathon Van Maren

Abortion activists have been trying without success to make feticide funny for quite some time.

There were the “abortion comedy” flops—Obvious Child and Unpregnant. Late night hosts and comedians occasionally tackle the subject, although interestingly, the truth about abortion—that it ends the life of a child—often ends up coming out in the process. Louis C.K. noted that abortion was “killing a baby”; Dave Chappelle’s sketch on the subject ended ambiguously.

But a recent TikTok video of an “abortion chaperone”—intended to be the humorous diary of accompanying a woman to her abortion—is outright evil. 

The long-haired guy jovially welcomes viewers, announcing that he will be describing a “day in the life of an abortion chaperone.” He is obviously enthusiastic about his job as a deathscort—and instead of denying that abortion kills a baby, he opts instead to joke about it. 

“Today I’m joining a friend to get the life sucked out of her,” he says. “Starting my day with a run because she can’t be the only one down a few pounds today. This is the second time I’ve joined a friend for one of these so I’m getting good reps in.” Here he starts flailing his arms. “For breakfast I’m having scrambled eggs to celebrate the scrambling of hers.” 

“Then we head out to meet Sam.” He enters an elevator and looks at the buttons. “Look at all those numbers! It reminds me of all the ages her child won’t see.” Huge smile. He passes some bikes. “Teaching her kid how to ride a bike has to be one of the most beautiful moments a parent can have. Not today, though!” His friend Sam meets him at a restaurant. “She’s eating for two, but not for long!” 


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