Nike sponsors male transgender influencer…wearing a sports bra

In one of the most successful conservative boycotts in recent memory, Bud Light is currently losing billions of dollars over its decision to feature “transgender” influencer Dylan Mulvaney as its mascot. Mulvaney is certainly doing his job, but not quite as Bud Light anticipated — he is influencing Bud Light drinkers to purchase different beers, instead.  

Far more offensively, though, was Mulvaney’s deal with Nike. Mulvaney is a man. He has no breasts. That didn’t stop Nike from hiring Mulvaney from modeling women’s clothing, including leggings and a sports bra. It is hard not to see Nike’s move as a deliberate provocation — they’ve been a woke corporation for some time, as thus it was probably a safe move for them as those angered by the posts are not their target demographic, anyway.  

Nike has been all in on this stuff for some time — their entire “BeTrue” campaign features brand marketing targeted directly at the LGBT movement: “The 2022 Be True Collection is a celebration of love through identity, expression, and sport. LGBTQIA+ athletes are redefining what sport means for the future and uniting people under a common goal – love of every athlete, gender expression, and orientation.” (Presumably Nike wasn’t referring to biological males trouncing female athletes when they discussed “redefining what sport means for the future.”) 

Nike has received a 100% ranking from the LGBT group Human Rights Campaign, and the company has dubbed its aggressive promotion of LGBT ideology “Marketing the Rainbow.” Nike was one of the first to feature a “transgender” athlete in a marketing campaign and sponsored a documentary on the subject. In 2017, they did it again. The company released a specialty pair of shoes to celebrate the Stonewall uprising. In 2019, Nike produced a video advocating for “transgender” athletes. They give a small fortune each year to a range of LGBT charities to support the promotion of the LGBT agenda. In short, the political agenda of the LGBT movement is one of Nike’s key corporate priorities.  


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