Canadian Muslims are rising up against LGBT ideology

By Jonathon Van Maren

Finally, the mainstream Canadian press is reporting on a series of events that are particularly thorny for progressives in general and Trudeau’s Liberals in particular: a sudden surge of protests against “Pride Month” made up, in large part, by Canadian Muslims.

On the second weekend in June, for example, protestors opposing radical LGBT indoctrination for children faced off against counter-protestors in Ottawa.

As the National Post observed: 

The demographic profile of the two groups couldn’t have been more starkly distinct. On the front lines of the anti-gender ideology protests were people of color and devout Muslims, as well as Christians, facing off against mostly masked old stock white Canadians leading the counter protesters. The progressive left which immediately judges any cause they disagree with as being ‘far right,’ because it might constitute mainly white Canadians, were here mostly white, facing protesters against the trans agenda who were far more diverse than they were, almost representing a cross section of Canada. The cognitive dissonance was palpable.

The counter protesters appeared to be discomfited by the fact that the protesters weren’t their supposed bogeyman but included many people of color, including socially conservative Muslims. This certainly doesn’t fit progressive ideology. After all, these were folk who stood up for minorities and called out what they perceived to be Islamophobia – yet there were Muslims lined up against them on the opposite side of the trans debate. It seemed to suggest that the price for supporting minority causes was that those they supported ought to support them on the social issues they cared about.

Indeed, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has frequently inveighed against those who disagree with LGBT ideology as “unCanadian” and has warned that parental protests indicate a “rising tide of hate” – but he, like his colleagues, presume they are engaging in good old-fashioned Liberal Christian-bashing. I’ve noted for years that in post-Christian Canada, where a tiny minority of those who identify with a Christian denomination do not attend worship services, it is primarily non-white, non-Christian Canadians who disagree with Canada’s state ideology. (If you doubt that it is, in fact, a state ideology, consider the fact that Canada spent $108,594,964 in 2022 on “LGBTQ” ideology in 2022 alone.) 

When Trudeau refers to “people who are intolerant,” he is referring primarily to non-white Canadians.

According to Global News, a “poll found a cultural divide among Canadians over same-sex “marriage,” with 71 percent of respondents of European descent backing the “right” versus 44 percent support from respondents of East Asian backgrounds and 42 per cent support from respondents of South Asian descent.”

As the Post reported: “The so-called progressives reveal their own reactionary side when, in response to what they perceive as betrayal from immigrants and ethnic minorities who don’t buy into their social agenda, some go to the extent of saying that such illiberal people should return to where they came from if they don’t share what they blithely assert to be universally agreed on ‘Canadian values.’” 

Protests haven’t been limited to Ottawa, either. In a follow-up report titled “Multiculturalists confused as Muslim modesty clashes with Pride,” the Post noted that Canadian Muslims are front and center in Calgary, as well: 

The scene in Ottawa was a vivid illustration of a growing disconnect between Muslim Canadians and the progressive left over increasingly ubiquitous Pride-related activities catering to minors (which are now commonplace in public school systems across the country). As Kanata-based imam Sikander Hashmi wrote in the National Post last week, some Muslims are finally pushing back against school-sponsored Pride events after years of quiet non-participation. Muslim groups are, in fact, becoming increasingly visible in the anti-Pride movement.

Predictably, Canada’s state broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), and other mainstream outlets have no idea how to deal with parental protests when they cannot target Christians as bigots.

Their report on the Ottawa protest made no mention of the Muslim presence, and a photo of children stomping on Pride flags was carefully cropped not only, one suspects, to protect the identity of the subjects, but also to hide the inconvenient fact that these were all non-white children.

Global News didn’t mention the Muslim protestors in their coverage; neither did the Ottawa Citizen. The omission is significant and easy to understand. 


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