BBC’s new LGBT propaganda show pushes ‘sex changes’ for children: ‘You can’t fight gender dysphoria’

State media pushes state ideology – this should come as no surprise to anyone. When Canada’s state broadcaster the CBC, for example, publishes a non-stop stream of content pushing drag shows and LGBT features on children (with accompanying defenses of this material for parents in need of re-education), they are fulfilling what they see as their role. The ideology of the Sexual Revolution is the ideology of most post-Christian Western countries, and the press serves as the propaganda arm for the revolution. 

That is context for a new show recently released by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which is funded by taxpayers who are obligated to pay for their own re-education. The show, produced by BBC Radio Leicester, is titled “Time for some LGBTea” and is targeted at parents and children. The purpose of the show is to tell the stories of those who identify somewhere on the increasingly expansive LGBT spectrum for the purposes of normalization. The show is hosted by “Katie” Neeves, a transgender-identified man who founded “Cool2BTrans” and Helen McCarthy, who says she has a “trans child.”  

Their thirteen episodes thus far include: 

The story of Andrea Kenney, a woman who “identifies as queer and gender-fluid.” 

“Peter’s story,” which is described as follows: “Peter grew up identifying as lesbian before realising he’d always essentially felt male.” (In other words, “Peter” is a same-sex attracted female who now identifies as male and, based on the photo provided, is on testosterone and has grown a patchy beard.) 

Host Helen McCarthy telling her own story of having a “trans child.” Horrifyingly, she says she first realized this when her then-three-year-old daughter “never wanted to wear dresses or skirts” and “wanted to play with typical boys’ toys like trains.” Her daughter, says McCarthy, is now her “son” and is free to “go to a sleepover with fifteen boys and go in the male tents and in the male dorms” and “wants testosterone and breasts removed.” Co-host Neeves encourages this, saying with a laugh that “you will be amazed how happy they will be…at the end you will think back and wonder: Why was I so worried?” 

Neeves tells his own story in an episode as well, describing how he came out as “trans” after “living for 48 years as a man.” His advice for parents? “Don’t fight them on this…you can’t fight gender dysphoria…gender dysphoria will always win…just go with it…if you try to fight them you’re going to make your child extremely unhappy and ruin your relationship with them.” This, it bears mentioning, flies in the face of everything we know about gender dysphoria – which in the overwhelming majority of cases resolves itself without intervention. 


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