The silencing of Christian teachers has begun

By Jonathon Van Maren

So it begins.

A veteran teacher at an Edmonton Catholic school appears to be the victim of a vicious smear job. Albert Felicitas, who has been a teacher for 32 years and received what he called “glowing endorsements” from students in the past, has now been accused of making “anti-gay” comments as well as pushing his “hatred of abortion.”

The accusations have bewildered former students such as 21-year-old Marianne Madrazo, who remembered him “teaching that the Catholic church does not accept the act of homosexuality and that it is a sin, but felt he was accepting of all his students.” So in other words, teaching the orthodox Christian view of sexuality in a religion class. His accusers, however, are waxing creative in their accusations, claiming that Felicitas has made the following statements:

That homosexuals are “incapable of love” and that they “do not deserve love.”

That homosexuals cannot reproduce. (The fact that two men or two women cannot naturally reproduce children, of course, is a fact. This shouldn’t be controversial.)

Three students claim that Felicitas said that, “if women who are raped have enough faith in God, a “protective biological shield” will keep them from getting pregnant. But if a woman did get pregnant, it was a sign she was actually amenable to intercourse.”

Felicitas denies the accusations outright, pointing out that everyone is capable and deserving of love and that to insinuate that women are ever “amenable to rape” would be a “crazy thing to say, and he did not say it.” Everything he has said, Felicitas noted, has been taken out of context (and it appears intentionally so.) “Teaching religion, if you really want to teach it properly, it’s risky,” he said. “I’d rather teach math…”

There are a few things here that should immediately catch our attention. First of all, the fact that Felicitas refused to “repent” for anything, as was reported, gives credibility to his protestations that he did not, in fact, say any of the things he was accused of, and the things that he did say are being intentionally extracted from their context.

Second, even the language used by the Edmonton Journal denotes an ideologically-driven witch-hunt: They call him “unrepentant.” If Felicitas will not recant the positions that today’s secular religion deems heretical, he will be punished.

Third, it is worth noting that the complaints were lodged by a lesbian couple, who would take offense to the traditional Christian view for obvious reasons. The article features a photo two smiling students with their two moms, the accusers of the veteran teacher. Although it was this couple who was demanding that Felicitas be silenced while posturing as victims, one of them informed the Edmonton Journal, with dripping contempt, that she feels sorry for him: “To honestly go through life that narrow-minded, I feel sorry for him.”

Fourth, and perhaps most importantly, Felicitas “says school authorities have asked him to stay away from school for his ‘own personal safety.’” Interesting, isn’t? The supposed victimizer here, a man who is actually the one being persecuted for, as he plaintively pointed out, “teaching the curriculum,” has to stay away from the school for his “own personal safety.” This is what we call “cry-bullying”—pretend you’ve been victimized by the words or views of another, but use your fictitious victimhood as a cudgel to silence your opponent. This has, of course, proven wildly popular on university campuses across the continent.

I expect we’ll see a lot more of this in the years or even months to come. As Christian orthodoxy is increasingly seen as hateful and expressions thereof to be hate speech by the cultural elites and an increasingly large percentage of the population, the silencing of those who seek to articulate the tenets of Christianity will only pick up speed. Teachers like Felicitas are being caught off-guard due to the sheer swiftness with which our culture’s moral reversal has taken place, and victimizers posturing as victims have proven to be incredibly effective. Unfortunately, this is not the end. This is, it seems, just the beginning.

13 thoughts on “The silencing of Christian teachers has begun

  1. Gary Clarke says:

    Now Jonathon- let me get this straight- a lesbian couple willingly send their “child” to a Christian school, then complain to the secular press that the teachers actually teach Christian Doctrine and principles. The horror, the humanity !
    Does that about sum it up?

    • Sylvia says:

      Then the Catholic schools should not be accepting public tax payer funds if they want to teach their religious doctrines.

      • Wilhelm says:

        Catholic Schools are funded by those home owners who VOLUNTARILY designate the school tax portion of their property taxes towards the Catholic schools they CHOOSE to support. Don’t, DO NOT EVER confuse VOLUNTARILY CHOOSING w/ “public tax payer funds”.

      • Paul Stiemann says:

        It is our constitutional right in Canada to have our Catholic schools funded by Catholic ratepayers. How ever funding for the public school system than under equal treatment under the law this is how funding should be done for the Catholic school system and it is done by Catholic ratepayers.

      • Morris Monkus says:

        Funds or no funds, why would a couple that do not believe Christian doctrine send their kids to a Christian School in the first place.

  2. Jeanne says:

    This couple obviously just wants to cause trouble! The other parents and students should be standing up for this teacher! People that do this type of thing need to be charged! Come on people do the right thing!

  3. Mark says:

    @Sylvia: Catholics are taxpayers too. They are not accepting other people’s money for their schools; it is simply their own money being used to fund the schools they support.

  4. kevin says:

    Jonathan, no, this new and it hasn’t just now “begun.” This is just a natural extension of this same type of discrimination that has been going on for decades against Christian teachers who challenged Darwin ism. Please go to AMAZON and read my book SLAUGHTER OF THE DISSIDENTS. Or at least please read the reviews.

  5. Anli says:

    Both the teacher and the cry-bullies acted badly, but the cry-bullies are worse. To be fair to the accusers, the teacher did teach a pretty one-sided version of Christianity, but I believe him when he says that words have been put into his mouth. I agree with him that the cry-bullying phenomenon is a disgrace.

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