The 25 best YouTube comments from Bill Nye’s crazy transgender music video

By Jonathon Van Maren

YouTube comment sections are usually where intellectual discourse and wit go to die. It turns out there is one exception: Bill Nye the “Science” Guy’s new Netflix special, Bill Nye Saves the World. It’s a weird and wacky journey, in which Nye features a bizarre video of talking bisexual ice cream cones, advocates for the idea of gender fluidity, and then topped it all off with a truly appalling music video featuring C-list actress Rachel Bloom called “My Sex Junk.” I’m not going to link to it here, but it involves a number of men and women flailing about yowling lyrics such as, “Versatile love may have some butt stuff / It’s evolution, ain’t nothing new / There’s nothing taboo about a sex stew.” Which is probably the tamest line in the song, so you get the idea.

YouTube watchers, however, responded hilariously and nearly unanimously: With nearly 1.9 million views, the music video as 127,247 dislikes and only 2,181 likes. Here are twenty-five of the best comments:

If this is what saving the world looks like then I’d rather let it be.

I have literally seen people die on the internet…this was more traumatic.

I feel like I need an HIV test just from watching this

Good job, you’re pushing an entire generation to the right.

This makes me want to deny climate change and not vaccinate my kids.

Bill Nye went full SJW. Never go full SJW.

I like how they’re trying to blur the line between genders and at the end, Nye is giving the women a hug and the man a strong handshake.

I can actually see civilization collapse in front of my very eyes.

I wont let my future children go on the internet

This is why Islam hates us.

I cringed so hard my cheeks are wrapped behind my ears.

As someone who support the LGBTQ community this makes me want to attend the West Boro Baptist Church. I doubt actual trans people support this video it’s that bad.

This video converted me from atheist to Christian

I had to wash my eyes with sandpaper after this

I’ll take “Nice things and why we can’t have them” for 800, Alex.

Is there such a thing as too much freedom? Well this video pretty much explain that question

Bill Nye has the same body language as Anthony Weiner.

Hey republicans…got room for one more?

This is the prime reason why extraterrestrial life won’t communicate with us.

and this is what americans call a science-based-show? or is this just a bad joke that a european can’t understand???

I would rather take shots of garbage water than watch this abomination again.

I made a new account so I could dislike this again.

This video makes me wanna start going to church again

I’m going to see if the Amish will accept me now. Thanks Bill Nye.

As a Liberal Atheist I now feel much more comfortable with the religious right than I do Bill Nyes brand of “Progressive.”

So hey, what do you know? Maybe the crazy train the progressive Left is on will drive people who think like normal human beings away. Maybe this pendulum can only swing so far. In the mean time, I’m glad that the liberals, conservatives, atheists, and Christians seem united around one obvious fact: Bill Nye has jumped the shark.

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