British Conservative Vice-Chair for Women advocates for more abortion restrictions

By Jonathon Van Maren

As most of you will know, Canada is the worst country on Planet Earth in regards to protections for human life in the womb, in that we have none whatsoever. Abortion is legal in this country from conception until birth, and abortion activists both claim that there are almost no late-term abortions while ferociously defending the barbaric in-utero dismembering of nearly full-term babies as an absolute social necessity. But as it becomes increasingly impossible to ignore the fact that the baby developing in the womb is a human being, there is a growing discomfort with this procedure—even in places like the United Kingdom. From The Guardian:

Maria Caulfield, the Conservative party’s vice-chair for women, has called for a debate on reducing the 24-week time limit for women to receive legal abortions.

In remarks that drew criticism from Labour, the MP for Lewes said the 1967 Abortion Act – which applies to England, Scotland and Wales – was “one of the most liberal abortion laws in the world”.

In an interview with the House magazine, Caulfield, who is a member of the all-party parliamentary pro-life group said: “We’re up to 24 weeks, in most parts of Europe it’s 15, 16 weeks. With medical advances, we’ve got babies born now at 18, 19 weeks. I think it’s something like 50% of babies after 22 weeks are viable and yet abortion is still freely available up to 24 weeks.

“I’m not someone who’s hard and fast in any of those kinds of views. But I think we do need to have a debate.

“The 24-week limit was introduced at a time when babies were really not viable at 24 weeks. Now babies who are born premature grow up to live long, healthy lives like the rest of us.”

Caulfield, of course, is completely correct, and was immediately attacked by the abortion absolutists as an ignorant woman who did not understand the needs of women. These activists have never met an abortion they do not like, and they will never stop until they have the right to kill a pre-born child at any point prior to birth. Irish voters should realize this before they vote in the upcoming referendum on Ireland’s 8th Amendment—the “soft pro-choicers” who are attempting to persuade the public that this is simply about extreme cases or very early-term abortions are lying through their teeth.

Incidentally, I noticed that Canada’s abortion regime attracted some comment in the UK during their reportage on Justin Trudeau’s Canada Summer Jobs kerfuffle. One reader wrote a letter to a British publication, shocked by what she’d read:

I found it hard to believe that full term abortions were legal in any country, but certainly not in a modern country such as Canada. I thought the author must be wrong but, unbelievably, it is true.

To think that it is legal to kill a child that could be born alive is obscene. How such an inhuman, savage law can be allowed is bad enough, but now they want Christian groups to approve of it. This is sick.

That pretty much sums it up.


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