Steven Crowder undercover investigation exposes late-term abortion clinic

By Jonathon Van Maren

In their scramble to do damage control and staunch the wave of outrage that has met their enthusiastic support for late-term abortion, Democrats and abortion activists have been attempting to justify their hideous moral position by claiming that late-term abortions (which they are now claiming should be called “later abortions” for reasons that they do not explain) never happen except when the baby is probably going to die anyways. They do not explain why they believe it is morally acceptable to brutally dismember a child because that child’s lifespan may be a shorter one.

Last night at 9 PM Eastern, conservative commentator Steven Crowder released a video featuring an undercover investigation into late-term abortionist Warren Hern’s clinic in Colorado. The point, Crowder says, was to highlight the truth about the procedure being discussed across the nation: That in seven American states, with more on the way, abortion is legal until birth for any reason at all—even if the baby is perfectly healthy. Two young women spearheaded the investigation: Marielle, who is twenty-five weeks pregnant, and Kat, a friend who was going along for moral support.

Marielle is pregnant with a little girl named Rose. At this stage in her development, Rose has hair on her head, gets the hiccups, and can even recognize her mother’s voice. If she were to be born early, her likelihood of survival outside the womb ranges from over 50% to 80%. She is a healthy baby with a healthy mother, and Marielle, Kat, and Rose headed into Hern’s abortion clinic to see how difficult it would be to get an abortion. As it turns out, Crowder noted, the only thing standing between baby Rose and a lethal injection to her tiny heart was her mother’s consent.

Marielle and Kat were not allowed to take anything into the clinic—not phones, purses, snacks, anything. “Just like the airport,” the nurse laughed. In the waiting room, the girls met “Patient X,” a young woman who had thought she was 28 weeks along but was actually 32 weeks pregnant. Her baby was so developed, she noted, that at this point they’d need to use a needle to “stop the fetal heartbeat,” which could take anywhere from ten minutes to a couple of hours. And then, Patient X said in a hushed voice, “Well, you essentially walk around for three days with a dead baby in your stomach.”

So what was wrong with Patient X’s baby? “There’s nothing wrong with my pregnancy,” she revealed. “Like, no fetal…whatever anomalies. All of that checked out fine. I mean, they ran all the tests on him [baby], he’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with him. Like they did the Down syndrome, they ran all of the stuff…it all came back fine.” Her husband was even telling her not to do it, and that she’d regret it. “We’ll be fine,” he had told her. But Patient X, who had already had two children, shrugged the father of her healthy child off: “You’re not the one who has to be at home raising it. I do.”

Patient X was worried, though. She wondered if her husband would still love her after she had an abortion at eight months pregnant. “You can’t just get pregnant and then do that,” he’d told her. She was scared that the procedure would hurt her. “What if something happens to me? I just don’t want them to f—- up. I mean, cause the uterus, that’s a muscle…and it’s very delicate.” And if something did happen, her husband pointed out, how would he “explain that to your mom and dad? Or my parents?” Despite all of that—her healthy baby, her husband telling her not to have the abortion and assuring that they’d “be fine,” and, she noted later, her Catholic upbringing, Patient X seem determined to have her baby killed.

Marielle left the clinic and paced outside, praying desperately for Patient X’s baby. We hope and pray, Steven Crowder noted, that Patient X’s baby wasn’t killed. But, like over 12,000 others just like him, he probably was. There was nothing wrong with him, but his mother didn’t want him. And because his mother didn’t want him, nothing could save him: Not even his father. In many states, he might have been safe. But not in Colorado, or New York, or several other American states, where the right to kill a healthy, full-term baby is enshrined in law. Crowder’s undercover investigation ends with a thirty-two week heartrate flatlining with a hollow, empty sound that echoes in your head.

Watch this video. Let it sink into your soul. And then realize that this is happening, and that we need to do something about it.


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