Shameful, wrong, and exploitative: Little boy dances in drag at Pride Parade

For the next month, you’re going to see relentless calls for conservative politicians to march in Pride parades across North America. Those who refuse will be called homophobic, even if they are simply the sort of people who prefer not to attend sexually-charged events featuring nudity and simulated sex acts. In fact, children are often exposed to adult nudity at these events–and Canada’s public broadcaster thinks that’s no big deal. I, on the other hand, am the sort of person who thinks that this short clip below shows the disgusting sexual exploitation of a child–and I make no apologies for that.

8 thoughts on “Shameful, wrong, and exploitative: Little boy dances in drag at Pride Parade

  1. Tim says:

    These vile affections infuriate me.

    Their are pedophiles salivating as they happily recieve their gift wrapped eye candy, compliments of the lgbtq/drag/trans-agenda.

    This is child exploitation, and it’s being applauded and celebrated publicly with pride. ️‍

    This is not ok, I don’t understand how anybody could watch this video and say this is ok?!?

    Thanks for the work you’re doing, shining light in the darkness.

    • Li says:

      Tim I completely agree with you , this is child abuse, he doesn’t understand the ramifications of what he’s doing, even if he says I want to be A girl and dance like one ,he doesn’t know that those peds have another thing in mind for him. He’s not consenting to having his body raped and abused by them. This is so sad, wake up parents and rescue your children!!

  2. Johnnie says:

    This really saddens me. Kids need to be kids! Kids should be out playing with ithers kids. They should play tag in the putdoirs not shaje tbeir bodirs in secial ways. As adults its diffrent in my opinion. Leave the kids to play and grow!

  3. Terance says:

    Sick. First, they push for acceptance then tolerance and now because we gave them an inch they are now teaching their evil perversions to our kids in schools! STOP THE MADNESS! … It’s not going to be long before people are going to be killed at these parades and I for one won’t give two shits when that start happening.

  4. James Pierce says:

    How is this even “drag”? It looks like that kid is parading around in his underwear. Legitimate question: Where is his father?

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