Denmark moves to make it harder to divorce for those with children

By Jonathon Van Maren

Finally, a Western nation is taking steps to protect children from the trauma of divorce: According to the Christian Post, parents in Denmark who wish to legally divorce will now be required by law, as of March, to take a mandatory online course called “Co-operation after Divorce” and wait for a “reflection period” of three months. This new policy, passed by the Danish Parliament several months ago, will apply to all parents with children under the age of eighteen. If the course is not completed within the three month waiting period, the couple will remain married.

According to Denmark’s Ministry of Children and Social Security Mai Mercado, the online course is designed to prompt parents to consider how the divorce will impact their children and to see the marriage breakdown through their eyes. If the “reflection period” fails and the parents wish to proceed with the divorce, the course also provides tools on how to communicate afterwards.


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