Another loss for Yaniv: Trans activist told to pay fees from failed cases before proceeding with new complaints

Canada’s internationally famous transgender activist Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv, who was recently arrested for possession of an illegal weapon, charged with assault for attacking a reporter, and sued for defamation by a female journalist, is not having a good year so far. In the wake of a snarl of judicial chaos, Yaniv’s latest legal assault on women who do not want to wax his genitals is dead in the water until he pays what he owes on his previous complaints, which all failed. From the National Post:

A complaint brought forward by trans activist Jessica Yaniv has been deferred for six months by the BC Human Rights Tribunal for her failure to pay costs from previous unsuccessful complaints against three beauty salons. According to the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, Yaniv failed to pay $6,000 in costs to beauty salons she accused of discrimination for refusing to wax her genitalia. Yaniv filed the complaints in 2018 and the tribunal dismissed them in 2019.

In October, the Human Rights Tribunal thoroughly dismissed Yaniv’s case, ruling her persistent complaints that female salon workers refused to wax her scrotum were part of a campaign to both enrich herself and punish South Asian people, whom she views as hostile to the rights of transgender people.

In effect, the tribunal found the respondents did not offer scrotum waxing to anyone, so they did not deny Yaniv a service in the first place. It also preferred the respondents’ evidence wherever it conflicted with Yaniv’s, which was “disingenuous and self-serving.” Yaniv “targeted small businesses, manufactured the conditions for a human rights complaint, and then leveraged that complaint to pursue a financial settlement from parties who were unsophisticated and unlikely to mount a proper defence,” read the ruling. The ruling orders Yaniv to pay $2,000 to each of the three beauty salons for “improper conduct” including using human rights law as a “weapon” for “extortion.”

On Jan. 7, the Justice Centre said Yaniv had launched a new complaint, against a salon run by immigrant women who are of the Sikh faith. The salon, She Point Beauty Studio in Surrey, B.C., said it was approached by Yaniv seeking services in August of last year, like Brazilian bikini waxing and leg waxing.

But due to her refusal to pay the costs from the previous complaints, the tribunal has deferred this new complaint until the costs are paid, or for six months. According to the Justice Centre, this means Yaniv cannot pursue any complaints during this time, and if the costs aren’t paid after the six months, another deferral can be placed, or the complaints can be dismissed altogether.

It doesn’t look like Yaniv will be disappearing from the national stage anytime soon. And the longer he stays in the public eye, the more he reminds everyone that the premises of the transgender movement, and the implications of enshrining their ideology in law, can have bizarre and insane consequences.

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