Starbucks launches commercial on teenager “transitioning” from female to male, donates profits to transgender children’s group

By Jonathon Van Maren

As the LGBT movement achieves cultural dominance, Big Business has sensed the opportunity to monetize wokeness. Over the past several years, dozens of major corporations from Coca Cola to Nike, from Apple to Uber have come out swinging at conservative Christians, attempting to use their economic clout to bludgeon legislators seeking to pass protections for religious liberty and the pre-born into submission. From boycotts to carpeting their establishments with the rainbow at the slightest provocation, if you’re a Christian, Big Business wants you to shut up and buy their stuff, bigot.

With the emergence of the transgender phenomenon, Big Business is upping the buy-in. Despite the fact that chest-binders are known to be very harmful (chest binders are a tight wrap that gender-confused girls use to flatten their breasts and appear male), Sprite released a major advertisement that, included in various shots of cross-dressing teens, showed a girl getting a chest-binder tightened by a smiling friend to disguise her femininity before heading off to Pride. Gillette released an ad tenderly portraying a father teaching his “transgender son”—biological daughter—how to shave after “transitioning” to male. That, and the Super Bowl featured eight commercials with LGBT issues highlighted this past year to an audience of millions. Corporations have money, and they’re using it to normalize gender confusion, hormone regimens, and sex change surgeries..

And now Starbucks has launched a new ad in the United Kingdom, showing a girl named Jemma struggling with being called by her birth name because she wants to identify as James. The ad shows various people “deadnaming” Jemma, until a Starbucks barista calls out “James” and, as these transgender commercials are all intended to imply, lived happily ever after. This, of course, is the point of mainstreaming, normalizing, and even romanticizing “gender transition”—to present it as a moment of true fulfillment, of finally becoming yourself. The truth is sadly different. Starbucks, of course, is going all in on the transgenderism phenomenon, partnering with a radical transgender children’s organization called Mermaids by selling mermaid cookies in their outlets across the UK and donating a portion of the profits. (Mermaids, you’ll recall, are mythical creatures that have no gender from the waist down.)

Someday soon, it might be a good idea to compile an enormous boycott list and, despite the inconvenience and the difficulty, start making purchases only at outlets that don’t take some of your money and send it to LGBT organizations working to make the culture more hostile to Christian values—at least where possible. It wouldn’t be easy, but it might be worth it.

29 thoughts on “Starbucks launches commercial on teenager “transitioning” from female to male, donates profits to transgender children’s group

  1. MrsMcAllistar says:

    Absolute evil. Starbucks is telling kids it’s okay to live a lie. You CANNOT change WHAT you are. You are born male or female. No amount of drugs or hormone therapy or surgery will ever change your DNA. This is child abuse. I’ve heard so many people who were “transgender” and then realized they were indeed living a lie. It is heartbreaking listening to these people. They were going by FEELINGS and WHO they thought they were. In 10-20 years, our medical experts will be shaking their heads, wondering how we ever got to this place.

    • Tammy Knotts says:

      I agree…by saying you are something you really are not is to say God made a mistake …and that is impossible because HE in perfect!!

      • Dea Darnell says:

        Mrs. McAlistar has said it best. I concur with the spiritual, social, and familial observations she discussed. Where are the parents “raising up a child in the way they should go….?” Abandoned or do not care? This is another slap in the face to God our creator. This fad is one of the saddest things just to make money!!!

    • Brenda Bowsher says:

      These kids are trying to grow up and find out who they are. They are just going thru a stage. God forbid if they have a sex change operation and in 10-20 yrs regret what they did “way back then.” What about girls that were called tomboys when we were young. I say leave these kids alone and let them go thru the normal stages that kids go through in order to grow up and find out who they are. Most stages kids grow out of anyway.

    • Alex says:

      Be a Christian and accept everyone for who they are
      GOD is love – not prejudice and casting people into hell that don’t fit your mold –
      You’re wrong Ma’am – being transgender is no different than being a diabetic requiring a hormone insulin – it’s a medical condition – an anomaly- a genetic variation- and it’s been scientifically proven – so educate yourself on the research – tell me youve never met a woman so bitch that she looked like a man or a man so feminine you knew he was probably gay- it’s not invisible –
      If god made us so perfect – why do we have medicine ?
      It’s ok for diabetics to treat their hormone issue
      It’s ok for post menopausal women to take hormones and I guess it’s in for an older man with low T to take some as well
      But if my brain is trapped in the wrong body – because it makes you uncomfortable
      It’s a sin-
      And please let me ask you one question
      I assume you are a woman and consider yourself to be heterosexual or straight since that’s the only way you think one might enter heaven
      So answer this
      If you were taken to surgery and they took ALL of your female anatomy AWAY-
      Would you still be attracted to me when you wake up –
      Ah ha!of course you would because our brains determine what we like
      Not our reproductive organs
      Get educated and if ya can’t to that
      At least act like a Christian and stop your judgement
      At least say you don’t know !

      • Kristi Hoekman says:

        Even if you don’t believe in biology or God, why would you want anyone having unnecessary surgery. It always comes with risks and nothing to be taken lightly.

      • Paula says:

        I am extremely glad I did not grow up at a time where this was acceptable, or with someone like you, Alex, as my “friend”!

        It took me some years, but I finally came to terms with who I was, complete and whole. Extremely glad I was not fed lies like the ones you promote in your post Alex, but rather was honestly helped and aided to finally come to feel comfortable in my own real skin. Only in truly accepting who we really are, body, mind, spirit, and learning to merge them all into one whole complete being, without believing the lies that we must alter healthy parts of ourselves into ill-health if it doesn’t fit in with the others parts, do we finally find true happiness.

        You compare this with insulin to a diabetic, but you forget, with diabetes our bodies are ill. So we medicate the body to bring it back to good health. With transitioning we alter a healthy body and medicate it to bring it into ill-health!!

        If I had been born to grow up in times such as these we experience now, I would have missed out on truly loving who I truly am, whole and complete. Not to mention I would have missed out on the absolute best experiences in my life!

        So much suffering. And in the dark of the night, you know exactly what I’m talking about, no matter what you are spouting here. I know you do, because you cannot escape it since you have not dealt with the ill health. It’s not your fault really, you were fed lies and you were so desperate for your suffering to end, you believed them, grabbing at any rope that was tossed your way. It made sense at the time, but now you know better, and no matter what you claim, I know you know better. I walked that walk. You may be able to fool others, maybe even yourself, but I’m calling you out, because as long as you keep telling yourself the lies, you will never find true Peace.

        Transitioning is just a poisonous band-aid which prohibits the wounds from ever healing.

        People with gender dysphoria deserve so much better then what society is pushing on them today!

        It’s prejudice and discrimination to allow “transitioning” to continue, and ban any true help which helps bring people into loving who they truly are, completely, body, mind, and spirit.

        These indeed are Dark Ages we live in today and I weep for my brothers and sisters who are suffering this today, because they are being pushed away from real healing. It’s more convenient to society to give you this poisonous band-aid. They don’t have to think about your suffering anymore, it’s too bothersome to think of it. Give you the band-aid, and problem solved for them.

        And as long as people like you keep denying your true selves, this will continue. The only way for true Peace Alex, is to face the truth, and to hold our society accountable!

      • Linda Snow says:

        Ohh the stupidity..being transgender has nothing to do with attraction for the oppisite sex .THATS BI S3XUAL IR HOMO.AHA. Yourself.!!comparing hormones for a medical diabetes to mutilating your body is idiotic.these are children!! PERIOD

        • Sam says:

          Good Christian love displayed here.

          And, for the record, the argument was that gender was determined in the mind, not the genitals and had NO relevance to sexuality.

          I won’t speak to the merits of that, but you’re massively missing the point.

  2. Toby Titan says:

    Homosexuality and lesbianism and transvestism is demonic. It is rebellion against our creator. These lifestyles destroy your physical ,mental and spiritual well being. It is the broad road to destruction. Leading to disease and mental illness and separation from a relationship with God. To teach these deadly lifestyles to kids is a horrible crime against mankind. Jesus said it would be better that a stone be hung around your neck and thrown into the depth of the sea then to cause one of these to go into sin.

    • Olya says:

      I agree with you Toby Titan. If all True Followers of Jesus Christ stop supporting places like Starbucks, Target and other organizations that support such unmoral things than they will go out of business.

      • Pamela Sallee says:

        Most of these businesses involved with the transgender/gay/lesbian movement are already too far gone to retract their wrongdoings. We as Christian’s must pray for this lost and dying world that God will open the eyes that are blinded by Satanic hatred and ungodliness and bring these lost souls into His marvelous light of truth and forgiveness.

  3. Jaxon says:

    So these kids and their parents are saying “God screwed up and made us the wrong sex. How dare He do that to me/my child?” Let’s hope He is low to anger.

    • Pamela Sallee says:

      How can be a child that hasn’t reached puberty know anything about being in the wrong body sexually or if they prefer the same gender they are? Parents are responsible to teach their children right from wrong and leading them in the way they should go from birth. God doesn’t make mistakes and it’s all SIN to believe it’s ok to believe otherwise.

  4. Milissa says:

    I wish someone would make a list, but I’m sure it would be in constant flux/evolution. I feel like I probably spend money on many things that is funneled into this agenda.

  5. Sam says:

    Maybe if Christians started preaching the truth of what the Bible actually says about Sodomites, it would turn this around.

    Romans 1:32
    Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

  6. Andrew Saunders says:

    It is so refreshing, to hear people who share the same beliefs as me on hear. I’m always surrounded by people who think the exact opposite and it bugs me so much. God doesn’t hate the sinner, He hates the sin. To shove the ideas that you can rewrite your natural sex, is straight up wrong and immoral.

  7. Cindy Williamson says:

    This is soo scary…what our world is coming to. There has been a spirit of confusion released upon the world from Satan which,
    contributes to this. As long as it is accepted,
    tolerated, it will only continue until it is considered the norm! Which, unfortunately is almost there. So what do we do? One, Pray!!
    What else do you think we should do?

  8. Lindsey says:

    These kids aren’t saying anything about God because they probably don’t know Him. No Christian has dared get close enough to have a real relationship with these poor kids to even begin to tell them about Jesus. You don’t have to ‘fix’ someone before leading them to Christ. You genuinely love them, befriend them and be the voice of truth in their lives.

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