Trans activists are leveling blood libel against those who disagree with them

By Jonathon Van Maren

A couple of months ago, I posted a short video clip to Twitter that showed interviews with two students after the board of Chicago District 211 voted to allow biologically male students who identify as female into the locker room of their choice. The first interview was with transgender student Nova Maday, who was thrilled with the result: “I’m ecstatic.” The second was with Julia Burca, a young female student. “I feel uncomfortable. My privacy’s being invaded,” she said, fighting back tears but still maintaining her dignity. “As a swimmer, I change multiple times in front of the other students in the locker room.” Her privacy and that of other female students, it turned out, was not relevant to the school board.

The video ended up going viral, as it was first retweeted by conservative commentators like Matt Walsh, Ben Shapiro, and Steven Crowder, and then eventually by Donald Trump Jr. (In what was a strange moment for me, considering how much I write about the porn industry, even Jenna Jameson liked the tweet.) The short clip racked up 5.8 million views, 23,000 likes, and an unbelievable amount of comments. And it was in the comments that I gained some insight into just how ugly and hateful the trans movement really is—despite their claims of simply being a movement fighting for the equal rights of marginalized people.

LGBT activist Amadi Lovelace, who refers to herself as “Black, a Jew, queer, gender queer (she/her or ze/zir are equally acceptable pronouns), fat, and disabled,” states that she is “committed to justice and liberation of all oppressed people…pro-queer, pro-trans, pro-fat…pro-reproductive justice” and a host of other pros. She is not, I found out quickly, pro-privacy for biological females who do not wish to be seen naked by teen biological boys. She responded to the video by demanding evidence of “cis girls afraid to use a school a bathroom because a trans girl can also use them. And then show us what those cis girls’ parents have told them about trans girls.”

See what she did there? The video showed a girl, near tears, explaining succinctly and clearly how she felt. There are high school girls suing their schools over precisely this issue. But according to Amadi, if teenage girls aren’t on board with seeing penises in their locker rooms, they must be brainwashed. It is the parents that must be the problem. They are promoting bigotry. And where, might you ask, will that lead us? Trans activists are eager to paint parents as the problem, because it gives them an enemy to target, sideline (and cut out of the education of their children), and it allows them to dismiss the backlash to the trans agenda coming from teen girls.

I sent Amadi plenty of evidence of female students pushing back against transgender policies, just as she requested. Her response? She dismissed it, stating that people only think this way because “people like you have been on a campaign sowing hate and fear against them.” I, obviously, have only been reporting on what is going at these high schools, and have not actually met any of the people involved. I highly doubt that any of the girls putting forward complaints have read any of my articles, which were in any case written after the fact. But again, it is not the trans ideology that is at fault, according to the trans activists. It is those of us who have the temerity to point out what is happening as a result of their agenda.

Be assured: LGBT activists will do everything in their power to blame those of us who oppose their agenda for the inevitable implosion of this social experiment that utilizes children as guinea pigs.

In their view, anyone who opposes their agenda must be destroyed as a danger to trans kids. The old guard feminists are now misogynists. A girl who doesn’t want to change in front of a “trans girl”—a biological boy—is obviously stupid and brainwashed, and if she didn’t have such bigoted parents or if conservative writers didn’t exist, everything would be fine. Even when I supplied evidence that people had taken advantage of polices that permitted biological males identifying as females into women’s bathrooms to become peeping toms was dismissed by Amadi: “Anybody can claim that the woman they know is trans exposed herself in a locker room, a place where people change clothes. But they can’t actually prove that it happened, in an era where everyone has a hi def camera in their pocket.”

In other words: We must believe women—unless they have something to say that reflects badly on the agenda of the transgender movement, in which case their perspectives and their claims should be rejected entirely. Unless there is video footage, ignore them. And even then the evidence would be dismissed. Women have been demoted—only women who have penises have the right to be believed by the LGBT activists now. And anyone who doesn’t believe the trans activists, Amadi assured me, would be paying a severe price. As she began to erupt in anger as she lost the argument, she sent me one more tweet before I blocked her:

Your lies kill people, and you will be held to account for that, and you will be repeatedly taken to task [if] you try to use this platform to spread those lies further. Don’t think for a minute you can run away from what you do. You get people killed. You own that.

I posted a video—without any of my own commentary in it—of two students giving their perspective on a new policy concerning locker rooms, and an LGBT activist told me—and I have no doubt that she believes this—that I “get people killed.” Wrap your head around that for a moment. These activists actually believe this stuff and they will make others believe it. And then, if they successfully obtain the power to do so, they will come after us. We will be accused of literally endangering the lives of children because we recognize biological reality and have not climbed on board with an experiment that has been ongoing for roughly fifteen minutes, historically speaking.

Lest you think that I am cherry-picking a single example to prove an entire thesis, feel free to peruse the thread—if you can stomach it. I was genuinely stunned by the bile and hatred directed at a teenage girl who simply didn’t want a biological boy to see her naked. “I would’ve captioned this as ‘transphobe cries as democracy takes slow step in right direction,’” one sneered. “I love white bigot tears, they keep me young. Keep crying bitch,” tweeted another. “Take a minute here & watch this: A white girl fighting tears because her school board ruled that bathrooms are being desegregated. She is terrified that a Black will see her naked, & her privacy concerns are dismissed. She is collateral damage for desegregation activists,” mocked a third. And on and on it went.

If these people hate a teenage girl that much simply for expressing a feeling that runs contrary to their desired agenda, can you imagine how much they hate those who oppose the trans agenda for scientific, philosophical, and theological reasons? Many commentators have speculated that the trans movement will inevitably collapse due to the fact that as this experiment runs its course, thousands upon thousands of people will damage themselves through sex change surgeries, puberty blockers, and hormone treatments—and later realize that their gender dysphoria was (as it is for the vast majority of those who experience it) temporary. I think that is probably true. But I also believe that they will try to pin the failure of their experiment on us. They will attempt to blame us for “spreading transphobia” and for “promoting the binary” and for not being supportive enough of the experiment.

At the end of the day, they will do their best to blame us for the damage they are doing, and for the anguish that so many children, teens, and adults will experience after embarking on the transgender path. They will leave a wide swathe of destruction in their wake—they are already doing so—and then they will turn and point the finger directly at us. Whether their scapegoating will work, I don’t know.

But they will definitely try. They’ve already started.

2 thoughts on “Trans activists are leveling blood libel against those who disagree with them

  1. Ange says:

    Largely agree with this article, but oh boy… It isn’t just teen girls, parents and conservatives pushing back against the trans cult. There are lots of Ls and Gs who’re deeply concerned about a scurrilous bunch of perverts and pedos hijacking our movement and tarring us with their brush. And there are also a good – and increasing – number of ‘gender critical’ feminists who are deeply concerned about the erosion of girls’ and women’s rights to dignity, privacy and safe spaces by the trans cult.

    Btw, does anyone know if Amadi is actually a natal female? Because being so bilious towards female people, to me at least, ‘she’ reads as male. And if not, her sycophancy’s off the charts.

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