Did Trudeau’s faux wokeness lead to his humiliating failure to secure UN Security Council seat?

By Jonathon Van Maren

After boasting that “Canada is back,” claiming that Stephen Harper embarrassed Canada on the world stage, and promising that achieving a seat on the UN Security Council would set all of that right, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suffered an embarrassing rout this week when his own longstanding (and expensive) bid failed.

Canada came in third, after Norway and Ireland. In what must be an extraordinary humiliation for Trudeau, his years-long bid for the UNSC seat actually garnered fewer votes (108) than Harper’s did back in 2010 (114). If Harper’s failure was a reflection on his leadership, as Liberal luminaries told us at the time, Trudeau’s failure to even achieve what Harper accomplished must be something truly shameful.

Paul Wells summed it up with brutal candor over at Maclean’s: “Believing a win at the UN would fall from the heavens on Trudeau because he wasn’t Harper was an expression of the narcissism and shallowness that have characterized this government during much of its time in office.”


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