UK Drag Queen Storytime tweets out pedophile slogan “Love has no age”

By Jonathon Van Maren

We have been told for several years now that drag queens, at least in the context of teaching and reading stories to little children, are asexual, happy-go-lucky performers providing a service to kids, much like folks in medieval costume reading stories about knights and castles. This is only believable if you really want to believe it, but it has also inoculated Drag Queen Story Hour from a series of scandals, from the discovery that one performer had previously assaulted an 8-year-old boy; to a performer (possibly unintentionally) flashing a room full of children; to drag troupes also moonlighting as obscene sexual performers. More than one performer has been exposed as a child sex offender.

None of that generally matters because those who claim Drag Queen Story Hour has nothing to do with promoting the LGBT agenda and sexuality in general are lying, and most of them know it. But I’ll be interested to know if the defenders of this practice will respond to a new scandal—an “accidental” tweet from the Twitter account of the UK Drag Queen Story Hour, which was locked after a wave of outrage from users after they posted a picture with a pro-pedophilia message. The tweet contained a photo of a smiling man wearing a rainbow suit and wielding a rainbow umbrella with the phrase “Love has no age!”


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