How researchers harvest baby body parts for experiments

I’ve been keeping close track of the Planned Parenthood baby body parts scandal since it broke in 2015. The ongoing trials of the Center for Medical Progress investigators—with the abortion industry availing themselves of every possible legal mechanism to keep Daleiden and his colleagues from releasing the remaining footage—have revealed even more about this gruesome business, and despite mainstream media claims that the revelations of fetal organ harvesting are “debunked,” nothing could be further from the truth.  Here, for example, is another recent report, this time from Live Action:

The pro-life group Abortion on Trial has obtained detailed logs from the University of New Mexico describing body parts harvested from aborted children during all three trimesters of pregnancy. The babies ranged in age from 10 to 30 weeks old.

The records were obtained four years ago but the FBI and the Department of Justice failed to investigate the trafficking of fetal body parts between UNM and the abortion business Southwestern Women’s Options (SWO), which is currently under investigation regarding the death of second-trimester abortion patient Keisha Atkins. The logs expose the processes of harvesting fetal body parts for research. In doing so, they shine a light on the victims of abortion, their humanity, and the unethical practice of dissecting them in the name of science. Below are the most heartwrenching portions of the logs.

First Trimester

The abortion industry would have women believe that babies in the first trimester — which ends at 14 weeks gestation — are not formed and are nothing more than “clumps of cells” or simply pregnancy “tissue.” However, the log notes concerning babies aborted in the first trimester prove otherwise. Clearly, these children have recognizable body parts.

  • An 11-week-old preborn baby and a 12-week old preborn baby were each harvested for their hearts, lungs, and brain.
  • A 13-week-old abortion victim was harvested for his or her brain.
  • A 14-week-old baby was harvested for his or her brain as well as both eyes.
  • A 10-week-old abortion victim had “tiny bit of brain” taken and the worker “plated it Monday + they grew wonderfully!!”
  • The notes on a 13-week aborted baby state, “stomach broken — no panc” with a sad face.
  • One tissue procurement specialist said that when dissecting a baby age 10 weeks and six days, they “found nothing but 1 leg, 1 hand, head, ribs, kidney.”

During first trimester abortions, as seen in the video below, the preborn child is suctioned out of the womb, so accounting for all of the body parts can be difficult.

Second Trimester

During a second trimester abortion, the procedure most often used is a D&E, or dismemberment abortion, in which the preborn child’s limbs are ripped off before the abortionist crushes the child’s skull. If the abortionist is trying to keep the child as intact as possible for tissue harvesters who sell body parts to researchers, he or she may switch to an induction method or to an illegal D&X procedure, commonly referred to as “partial-birth abortion.”

  • An 18-week-old preborn child was killed in an abortion and “skin from upper arm” as well as his or her “retina” were harvested for research.
  • A 17-week-old aborted child had “skin from lower leg” harvested.
  • The notes on a baby aborted at 15 weeks indicated the tissue procurement technician harvested “1 piece of lung” and a pancreas, which the technician listed as, “ENTIRE PANCREAS — whoo hoo!!!”
  • A 20-week-old abortion victim’s cord blood, lung, heart, skin, and brain were harvested.
  • Notes about a 24-week-old abortion victim (babies can potentially survive outside the womb at 21 weeks) who was given digoxin to stop his or her heart report that the heart was “mushy” and the “eyes discolored red.”
  • A baby aborted at 15 weeks was reportedly harvested for “loads of brain … that’s it.”
  • Log notes state that a baby aborted at 21 weeks was harvested for his or her skin, retina, and brain. It also states “very very red tissue” and “tiny bits of brain tissue everywhere.”
  • A baby aborted at 23 weeks reportedly had “brain & retina” that “pulled apart easily.” That child was harvested for his or her skin, brain, lung, and retina.
  • A 24-week-old child whose heart was stopped with digoxin was noted as having a “head not intact.”

Third Trimester

During the third trimester, an induction abortion takes about three or four days to complete. At this age, a baby would be capable of surviving an abortion but may be killed or left to die. As has been reported by abortion industry workers, even if the child’s heart is beating, he or she can be dissected.

  • The log states that a baby aborted by induction at about 30 weeks was noted as being “intact” and that the tissue procurer “did not dissect.”
  • An intact brain was harvested from a 24-28 week old preborn child. That brain was to be used for dissection at a high school summer camp.


In addition to details about which body parts were harvested for researchers, the logs also included instructions on how to prep the organs and tissue, including eyes:

Bottle-nosed microvial; label ‘retina’
Rinse in PBS, place in special dish
Cut off lens, discard lens + iris.
Use 200 ul micropipette to place vitreous and aqueous into vial.
Invert eyeball, remove white, gooey retina (not darker stuff).

Abortion on Trial describes the log as “barbaric horror” and it is. It shows the abortion industry’s complete lack of respect for human life. Abortion businesses see human beings — both women and their babies — as commodities.

Editor’s Note 9/10/20: A 15-week-old preborn child was incorrectly listed under the first trimester. A correction has been made.

This is what the abortion industry is defending. This is what they are claiming does not happen. It happens—and it is happening.

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