Violent threats cancel Swiss March for Life, New Jersey seeks to expand abortion rights (and other stories)

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Democrats seem a lot more positive that a Supreme Court with a Justice Amy Coney Barrett would overturn Roe v. Wade than I am—that, or they’re jumping at another excuse to expand abortion rights. From NPR:

States led by officials supportive of abortion rights are preparing for a world without Roe v. Wade. If the 1973 decision that legalized abortion nationwide is overturned by an increasingly conservative Supreme Court, regulation of abortion would fall to state lawmakers…

“I hope to God that doesn’t happen, but we don’t want to take a chance that it could happen,” New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said in an interview with NPR on Thursday…In recent years, several states, including Illinois and New York, have passed laws designed to protect abortion rights regardless of potential changes to Supreme Court precedent. At the same time, multiple states with conservative legislatures have pushed in the other direction, with states including Alabama and Georgia passing laws aimed at banning abortion during the first trimester — laws that have been blocked from taking effect and are working their way through the court system.

In addition to guaranteeing the right to an abortion in state law, a spokesman for Murphy says the New Jersey proposal would remove some restrictions on abortion that advocates say are medically unnecessary; require most private health insurers to cover abortion; and allow a wider range of health care providers, including physician assistants, certified midwives and other advanced-practice nurses, to administer abortions.

Of course, abortion advocates quite literally say that all abortions are “medically necessary,” so what we’re likely going to see is another state with abortion on demand, up until the moment of birth—and they’ll call it a step forward for women’s rights.


Once again, the transgender ideology is putting vulnerable women at risk—and leaders are too scared of men in dresses to say anything. From GRIPT:

Barbie Kardashian, a biological male who’s had no hormone treatment or surgery, and has sworn to kill and rape women, has been placed in a women’s prison by the Irish authorities.

Barbie was arrested in Limerick on the 24th of September for threatening to kill two people, one of them her mother. The story of her arrest became a matter of national media attention after it was revealed that Barbie is a transgender woman, and that her solicitor had told a court that, following her arrest, Barbie was “very anxious she be detained in a prison facility for females.” Her solicitor did not mention that Barbie also has a well-known, and often stated, desire to rape, torture, abuse, and kill women.

This is going to end with women getting assaulted, and perhaps even raped—and nobody will be held accountable for it. Read the whole thing.


Over at the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, Alex Schadenberg highlights the problems with Ireland’s assisted suicide bill, which does not limit the fictitious right to suicide exclusively to terminally ill people.


Switzerland’s March for Life has been cancelled after threats of violence from abortion activists. From LifeSiteNews:

Switzerland’s March for Life was unable to take place as scheduled on Saturday, September 19 because of the threat of violent pro-abortion counter-protestors. Following the Zurich police’s ban of the 2020 March for Life on the streets, the organizers booked a private conference location (Gate 27) near Zurich in the city of Winterthur. But in early September, Gate 27 canceled the event after the police warned of a large and violent attempt to block the event.  

As early as July 2020, Winterthur police informed the Swiss March for Life Committee and the Gate 27 management that a violent mobilization was planned, aiming to prevent the march from taking place. The police recommended that Gate 27 cancel the event. Pledging private security for the three nights prior and insurance for possible damages, Gate 27 continued to allow the event. On September 1, Winterthur police informed the Swiss March for Life committee and Gate 27 that an estimated 400 to 1,000 people were expected to attempt to block the event…Some concern was warranted. Counter demonstrators lit barrels on fire during the 2019 March for Life in Zurich. Following the release of the March for Life announcement in July, a partner organization found an animal carcass and maggots in its mailbox. 

However, the March for Life criticized the police for recommending that Gate 27 cancel the event in a German press release on September 4, 2020: “The police have always been able to fend off the violent left-wing extremist attacks in Zurich and Bern in the course of the last few years. This would also have been possible in Winterthur in 2020.” 

Last year I visited the offices of Human Life International in Zug, Switzerland, and wrote an essay on the Swiss pro-life movement. They have been fighting an uphill battle for years, but still—they persevere. I’m proud to be part of a movement that includes resistors fighting back against the Sexual Revolution in nearly every country on earth.

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