Pro-lifers mourn as Argentina legalizes abortion

By Jonathon Van Maren

After a fierce debate that lasted through Wednesday night, the Argentine Senate voted at 4:00 a.m. to approve the government’s legislation legalizing abortion through the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. Thousands of pro-life activists, represented by the “Blue Wave” bandanas that mark their movement, waited outside for the result. The announcement, when it came, was crushing. Many sobbed with grief.

Crowds of gathered abortion supporters also waited, clad in green. When the vote was announced – 38-29 with one abstention – the abortion supporters went wild with joy. Children could finally be aborted legally in Argentina. The crowd of green was a writhing mass of celebration, coiling and uncoiling. It was, as C.S. Lewis described the Lady of the Green Kirtle, “as green as poison.” Ember smoke rose above the crowd as the result was announced.

The Congress approved the legislation earlier this month, the ninth time abortion activists have attempted to legalize abortion in Argentina. In 2018, a proposed abortion law galvanized pro-lifers across the country and the continent. Millions joined the Blue Wave movement, with more than four million marching in Argentina to protest legalization and massive rallies pushing back against abortion activists in Guatemala, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and elsewhere. Scenes of celebration awash with green last night are the inverse of that joyful night two years ago, when it was pro-lifers cheering in the streets.


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