Winnipeg man accused of murdering toddler after failing to abort her

By Jonathon Van Maren

In Canada, abortion is discussed in two primary ways. First, Liberals use the abortion issue to accuse Conservatives of having a hidden pro-life agenda to split the Conservative base. This happens, inevitably, during every single election. Concurrently, the Canadian media insists that when Conservatives lose elections, it is because they are too anti-abortion and are thus “scaring” the voting population. No evidence of this is ever provided, and this assertion can be used even when the Conservatives have a proudly pro-abortion leader like Erin O’Toole.

In fact, abortion at home and abroad has, under the Justin Trudeau government, become a fundamental part of the Canadian identity. Stephen Harper had his maternal care initiatives overseas; Justin Trudeau sends tens of millions of tax dollars to abort babies in developing nations (including those nations where abortion is still illegal). When abortion is brought up, it is as a wonderful aspect of women’s healthcare that everyone has a God-given right to.

This means that even popular pro-life legislation commanding support from a broad swathe of the public is condemned as an attack on “reproductive freedom.” Two bills from Saskatchewan MP Cathay Wagantall, for example, were used as evidence by the Liberals that the Conservative Party was “anti-choice.” One of these bills involved instituting criminal penalties for men who murder pregnant women or assault them so that their pre-born child dies, and the other was a ban on gender-selection abortion. Even these common-sense initiatives were deemed dangerous.

So it is interesting to hear the silence when a story emerges that proves how abortion is not only a violent act that takes the life of a child — it is often a weapon used by deadbeat parents who wish to rid themselves of the responsibility of a child. For example, there is the horrifying case of a Winnipeg man who is accused of abducting and stabbing his toddler daughter to death.


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