‘Male-appearing genitalia’: transgender propaganda reaches next level in LA Times column

By Jonathon Van Maren

Last month, I covered the story of a spa in California that insisted a biological man identifying as a woman had the right to enter the female section and expose himself to women and young girls. The staff of the spa were confronted by a furious African American woman, who demanded to know why this was permissible — other women joined her. One asked for her money back. One male bystander told the women to stop being so bigoted and permit the penis-packing “trans woman” to join them.

The reaction of the media and progressive activists has been revealing. Conservative media outlets, predictably, have highlighted this as a literal example of the emperor having no clothes and all of us being able to see that he is a he. Progressive activists are insisting that the spa did the right thing in defending the “trans woman,” who was clearly the victim in this situation. The faux crime of “misgendering” is apparently a bigger deal than little girls being exposed to male genitals.

This is a key tactic of progressive activists. In the face of an obviously disgusting incident — a man exposing himself in a private area with small girls — double down, and counter-accuse those objecting to the behavior. In short, gaslight women into thinking they are the aggressors in the situation. Gaslighting, for those unaware of the term, means manipulating someone by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.


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