“Muppet Babies” promotes transgenderism with “non-binary” Gonzo

By Jonathon Van Maren

For the past several months, we have been documenting the ongoing assault on the innocence of children on every cultural front. It is easy to dismiss those warning of the sexualization of children as conspiracy theorists, and so let me run through a few examples that we have recently covered in this space alone – and this is just a handful of the stories.

The Washington Post published a column advocating that children be exposed to “kink” at “pride” parades. Two abortion activists published a book promoting abortion to children. Nickelodeon released a video promoting “pride” month (and transgenderism) to kids. LGBT groups are demanding that the “pride” flag be hoisted over Christian schools. Blue’s Clues aired am LGBT-themed music video for children. PBS promoted drag queens to pre-kindergarten children. Kellogg’s released a “pride” cereal box telling kids how to choose their preferred pronouns. Pixar has also ramped up its promotion of LGBT “representation.”

All of that is just the tip of an iceberg of LGBT content aimed at children this year alone.

For decades, creators of children’s content (such as Disney) carefully stayed neutral in the pelvic culture wars. What we’re seeing now is a distinct culture shift. The entertainment industry – including children’s storytellers – have decided that a) it is in their commercial interests to cast in their lot with the LGBT movement, which has accumulated a tremendous amount of power over the past decade and b) that doing this will put them on the Right Side of History. Those who disagree with this shift are, of course, on the Wrong Side of History.

The colonization of children’s entertainment has been almost total, from Sesame Street to Disney. Most recently, the Muppets made their transition from children’s show to LGBT shill. On July 23, Disney Junior aired an episode titled “Gonzo-rella,” in which baby Gonzo wears a princess dress to a royal ball. The lesson to children is simple. Piggy first declares that girls dress as princesses, and boys come as knights. But a “fairy ratfather” turns Gonzo into a princess and leaves a glass slipper behind in a gender-non-conforming knockoff of Cinderella. When the Muppet Babies find out what happened, they ask him why he hid his cross-dressing.

“You all expected me to look a certain way,” he replied. “I don’t want you to be upset with me, but I don’t want to do things because that’s the way they’ve always been done either. I want to be me.” The Muppet Babies, having learned their lesson, apologize to Gonzo and tell him that they love him “any way you are.” The response from LGBT activists was immediate: They declared Gonzo a “non-binary icon.” (The Daily Wire’s Candace Owens posted a clip of the show here.)

It may seem silly to some of you to point out that fake cartoon characters are promoting gender fluidity. But children’s stories come with messages for children to learn, and this particular lesson is that cross-dressing should be encouraged – and this is a show aimed at very small children (thus the title “Muppet Babies”). As with Sesame Street and other children’s shows, these characters are considered iconic American cartoons, and have now been successfully coopted for the LGBT cause.

If you don’t believe me, perhaps you’ll take the word of LGBT activists themselves. On July 1, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus released a song titled “A Message From the Gay Community.” In the song, they cheerily inform parents that: “We’re coming for your children.” They go on:

We will convert your children,
it happens little by little,
quietly and subtly and you will hardly notice,
you can keep them away from disco, warn them about San Francisco,
make them wear pleated pants,
we don’t care…we will convert your children.

Maybe it’s time we realized that they’re serious.


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