Joe Biden’s radical anti-Christian agenda

By Jonathon Van Maren

The Biden Administration’s domestic agenda is more pro-abortion and pro-LGBT than any in American history. Fortunately, the common sense of Senator Joe Manchin and the failure to abolish the filibuster has ensured that the most radical aspects of that agenda have thus far failed to pass. The radical and terrifying Equality Act is not yet law; the expansion and packing of the Supreme Court appears increasingly unlikely; and Roe v. Wade, which may fall this year, has not been enshrined by legislators in statute. The nightmare scenario that looked likely after the loss of the two Georgia senate seats has thus far been averted. A sweeping GOP victory in the 2022 midterms would kill that agenda entirely.

But Biden did score one extremely concerning victory recently. The Biden Administration has been working hard to further the LGBT agenda abroad, using the power of the U.S. State Department and increasingly leftist international institutions to do so. On Wednesday, February 9, Congressional Democrats—and six Republican allies—passed the Global Respect Act, which, C-Fam reported, “would ban U.S. entry to foreigners who oppose the homosexual/trans agenda.” The bill, in fact, “gives the U.S. President power to impose visa sanctions on foreigners he judges ‘complicit’ in human rights violations against individuals who identify as homosexual or trans.”

The justification given by the Democrats for this sweeping legislation is that it was an important tool with which to fight the genuine persecution many people face around the world, while the GOP countered by pointing out that these human rights violations are already both illegal and prosecutable. Republicans also accurately pointed out that the legislation would certainly be used to “target political opponents of the [LGBT] agenda and would inhibit freedom of speech and freedom of religion around the world.” President Biden, for example, has singled out conservative nations like Hungary and Poland in the past. It is not unlikely that politicians holding identical positions to those held by many Republican legislators could be targeted by this law.

As C-Fam reported, one of the most eloquent critics of the Global Respect Act was Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (NY), who noted that: “We believe that all people have inherent dignity and possess equal human rights. We reject all violence directed at individuals on the basis of their race, religion, biological sex, or sexual orientation. The problem with this bill [is] it is not focused on the human rights of all but the human rights of particular groups. She accurately observed that the language of the bill meant that it could be used to target run-of-the-mill social conservatives—or indeed, Christians.

“Is a parent who rejects her minor child’s wish for a sex change operation complicit in cruelty?” she asked. “Is the Pope engaging in degrading treatment when he expresses opposition to same-sex marriage?”

Of course, in the view of many Democrats, the answer is yes—and the language of the Global Respect Act is obviously intentional. As C-Fam pointed out: “UN experts have repeatedly accused parents, religious leaders, and governments of torture and incitement for their opposition to the homosexual/trans agenda. They have done so in official communications with governments from around the world, including the Vatican.” Thus, the use of terms and phrases such as “complicity” as well as “cruel and degrading treatment” are intentionally ambiguous to allow the law to be used the way LGBT activists wish.

Despite the bill containing a later addition that purportedly bars it from being used to target people based “solely upon religious belief,” Tenney noted that this is not adequate to protect parental rights and religious liberty. “There are no safeguards in the bill that address these situations,” she stated.

The Biden Administration, which has been all-in on the LGBT agenda since Biden’s run for the presidency, had previously announced their support for the Global Respect Act, underling their many “historic actions to accelerate the march toward full LGBTQI+ equality at home and abroad.” The last decade has illustrated clearly that for the LGBT movement and their allies in the LGBT movement, “full equality at home and abroad” means the gutting of religious freedom, the elimination of parental rights, the indoctrination of children into the LGBT agenda in state schools, and the eventual banning of all dissent LGBT activists can portray as “violence”—including much speech.

While it is a relief that the most radical planks of Joe Biden’s LGBT agenda have thus far failed to come to fruition, the Congressional passage of the Global Respect Act once again highlight the importance of the 2022 elections. When the Democrats are in power, they use it to further the sexual revolution, often in irrevocable ways. We can only hope that the Republicans have learned from their colleagues—and pass equally aggressive legislation to preserve our freedoms.

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