Toronto high school says it is illegal to criticize teacher with huge fake breasts

By Jonathon Van Maren

Earlier this week, I reported on the story of the male shop teacher in Ontario who has begun identifying as female and showing up to teach students wearing massive prosthetic breasts. Predictably, the story has gone viral internationally—this is rapidly becoming the sort of wokery that Canada is known for—and it is worth giving an update on what has happened since, because we’re going to see more such stories in the coming years and this example is illustrative in some ways. 

Many commentators observed that what we are seeing is the utilization of gender identity laws—which were always destined to have this effect—utilized by adults in insidious ways. As the Daily Mail noted: “Put simply, this is an adult living out a sexual fetish of some sort.” Tucker Carlson observed that this person appeared to be intentionally attempting to imitate Japanese pornography; Jon Kay, a liberal Canadian commentator who spends much of his time debunking wokeness, gave his analysis the wry title: “The Canadian Gender-Rights Movement Enters Its Hentai Phase.” 

In fact, this ridiculous story is evidence of how effective legislation championed by trans activists is—the chilling effect of people terrified of being seen as anti-trans means they cannot even critique something when it is…well, right in their faces. As Kay noted: 

This is one of those stories that have spread like wildfire on social media and in niche publications such as Reduxx (which broke the story), but which the mainstream media are terrified to touch for fear of being labelled transphobic. To my knowledge, the only legacy media outlet that has run anything on the story is the Toronto Sun, a conservative tabloid. And even in that case, the editors hedged their bets with a headline—“School board prepares for backlash over trans high school teacher”—that suggests the real story is all the noisy transphobes who are up in arms.


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