The Standard Gender Clinic Experience: Self-Diagnosis to Hormones in One Day

One of the most heartbreaking Substacks online right now is is “Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans (PITT),” which publishes firsthand stories and dispatches from the gender cult. Most of these stories are from parents, and most of them are anonymous. These families are enduring tremendous suffering–imagine watching your child destroy him or herself before your eyes, with all society on their side, and nothing you could do in response. Here’s how PITT describes their work:

PITT is a space for parents that have been impacted by gender ideology to share their uncensored stories, experiences, and thoughts, while remaining anonymous to protect themselves and their families. Our objective is to inform the public about the devastating impact of gender ideology on our families through our personal experiences.

We believe that, when people understand the true picture, they will join us in ending the medicalization of identity for children, teens and young people.

I hope they’re right. To give you a taste of the stories they publish, here’s a recent one titled “The Standard Clinic Experience – Self Diagnosis Straight to Hormones in One Day“:

My family has been hijacked by the transgender movement so, along with my thanks for your bravery, I thought I should share our journey at a pediatric gender clinic.

When my daughter first expressed gender distress, we were encouraged to go to  a “prestigious” university pediatric gender clinic.

I still have so much anger/hostility from the day of our appointment. The experience was what I now recognize as boiler plate gender clinic. The intake therapist affirmed my daughter immediately. She did not receive any prior history from her therapist, just took my child’s word for it in what we now know is the standard self-diagnosis procedure.

In response to my husbands question about the truth of the suicide statistics, the therapist made a sad face, and just shook her head “yes”. My husband broke down sobbing. 

The intake therapist offered to get us in to the clinic’s medical doctor the very same day so that my then 13-year old daughter could be prescribed Testosterone right away. I asked this therapist,  “this doctor would do this? Today?”  She said, “Oh yes, they (the gender doctors) do as I say. All told our appointment was only a couple of hours.

Not that day, but eventually, we did go for an appointment with that medical doctor, but my husband and I declined hormones. We went back to this clinic 6-8 times, each time there was a private consult with just my daughter and one with just us parents.

I raised my concerns with the doctor, telling of how I had signed myself into these teen sites as a 14 year old female and seeing all advice and propaganda on how to “pass” with your parents/therapist/gender clinic, etc. Seeing how the 20ish year old “males” promoted testosterone as the only answer.  The glorification of mastectomies, the hypnotizing videos, the youtubers and bloggers who secretly messaged these teens with their agendas. It was clear to me that these influences were powerful and that teens were following a playbook. While the doctor seemed interested, she continued to push for my daughter to start T.

Another time I asked the doctor to speak to my child about about any holistic, or dbt, or neutral therapies available as she was depressed and lonely. We pressed this issue at home, and found a neutral therapist—but my child exploded at this. Later she told me the doctor said that the reason she was depressed, sad, and lonely was because of her gender dysphoria and that she needed hormones.

In another private conversation, with only myself and this doctor (who is an MD, not an endocrinologist), she admitted to me that “their clinic is having a harder time distinguishing between ‘real’ and ‘socially influenced’ “trans kids”.

I also asked this doctor how she could sleep at night, giving young women adult male hormones with with no long term studies available. Her reply with a chuckle, was “it makes them SO HAPPY”.

In God’s name this is a crime.

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