Obscene drag shows for babies are yet another attempt to ‘queer’ your children

By Jonathon Van Maren

Harris Kornstein is a college professor. He is also the drag queen “Lil Miss Hot Mess,” and he wants to perform for your children. He is one of the minds behind the manifesto “Drag Pedagogy: The Playful Practice of Queer Imagination in Early Childhood,” along with co-author (and transgender queer theorist) Harper Keenan of the University of British Columbia. The point of the manifesto, which quotes pedophile rapist Michel Foucault among others, is to explain how “drag pedagogy” can be used to indoctrinate children.  

“The professional vision of educators is often shaped to reproduce the state’s normative vision of its ideal citizenry. In effect, schooling functions as a way to straighten the child into a kind of captive alignment with the current parameters of that vision,” they write. “To state it plainly, within the historical context of the USA and Western Europe, the institutional management of gender has been used as a way of maintaining racist and capitalist modes of (re)production.” Thus, Drag Queen Story Hour—designed to teach children “how to live queerly” and bring “queer ways of knowing and being into the education of young children” was born. 

Those claiming that drag shows are “family-friendly” are trying to gaslight the public. “Drag pedagogy” has a very specific purpose, laid out by Korstein and Keenan in plain English. That’s why drag shows for kids suddenly exploded in popularity. It’s all part of a plan. That plan includes vile events like this one from CabaBabaRave, a U.K. organization specializing and promoting drag events for children under the age of five. Video footage of their events—watch at your own discretion, because it is obscene—includes drag performers wearing thongs doing sexual dances in front of toddlers and babies, most of whom look bewildered. 

Scantily dressed men in makeup and heels sing songs like “One Night Only”; drag queens do the splits and twerk; at one point, a drag performer donning leather bondage gear flails about while suspended from the ceiling by ropes; men in spandex crawl seductively along the floor at the audience. Based on the footage and the photos, these events are well-attended by both parents and their children, with more performances advertised (and, in the case of one upcoming event in London, sold out). These scenes, according to CabaBabaRave, are “family friendly.” One photo shows a nearly naked drag queen holding a little girl.  


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