The Netherlands brings in euthanasia for children ages 5-12 (and other stories)

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Some liberals are getting fed up with gender ideology, too. From the Metro Times:

Former state Rep. Cynthia A. Johnson, a Democrat from Detroit, launched into a transphobic rant on social media on Thursday, drawing criticism from her followers. Johnson, who unsuccessfully ran for chair of the Michigan Democratic Party this year, called it “bullshit” for people to use pronouns that don’t match the sex they were assigned at birth. “God made female and male,” Johnson wrote on Facebook on Thursday. “All that extra stuff that they’re adding on, do you that’s okay but don’t lie to us about who you are. If you were born male but you don’t feel that body is the one that you want to be in, it doesn’t make you a female it just makes you want to be in a different body.”

Predictably, the progressives have the knives out for Johnson. The opinion of an African American Democrat is trumped by men posing as women.


At Unherd, Kathleen Stock notes that “tribal speech codes” have informed misleading census results that allegedly reveal escalating transgender identification amongst adults: “How the trans census fooled Britain.”


Vice President Kamala Harris, primarily famous for failing upwards, recently appeared at an abortion rally in LA to laud feticide as a fundamental American right. Somewhat terrifying to think that Joe Biden’s ticker is the only thing between her and the presidency.


The Netherlands has now formalized plans to bring in child euthanasia (which I covered earlier in First Things). From The Guardian:

The Netherlands is to widen its euthanasia regulations to include the possibility of doctors assisting in the death of terminally ill children aged between one and 12. The new rules would apply to between five and 10 children a year who suffer unbearably from their disease, have no hope of improvement and for whom palliative care cannot bring relief, the government said on Friday.

Belgium brough in child euthanasia in 2014. Canada is likely next.


Speaking of Canada, our metastasizing euthanasia regime continues to worsen, with the latest assisted suicide guidelines actually advising doctors to keep family members in the dark about a planned euthanasia:

The Canadian government has released new recommended standards and advice for medical doctors concerning physician-assisted suicide that critics say do nothing to protect vulnerable patients from premature death. The new guidelines allow for “virtual” physician-assisted suicide, advise doctors not to notify family members when a patient requests suicide, and require medical professionals who object to physician-assisted suicide to refer patients to others who are willing to participate in their suicides.

There have already been several heartbreaking instances of families who found out about the death of a loved one after the fact. A lawsuit launched by the daughters of one woman who was euthanized found no wrong doing on the part of the doctor.


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