Mainstream journalist calls out Canadian sex-ed for teaching kids about meth pipes, whips, feces

For the past ten years, the mainstream media has focused on discrediting those who object to the increasingly radical and obscene sex education that has become standard in Canadian public schools. With the resurgence of protests across the country in June (and more planned for September), we may finally be at a breaking point. On July 23, for example, Adam Zivo of the National Post posted a series of photos of sex education material being handed out in a public school in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Reader discretion is strongly advised even for Zivo’s description here – but keep in mind this stuff is being distributed to kids 

A concerned community member sent me photos of a sex-ed brochure that is being distributed in high schools in Nanaimo. The brochure normalizes use of hard drugs while having sex, and discusses BDSM, scat, fisting, and piss play. This brochure is being given to kids as young as 14 years old. The community member claimed that several students had complained about the content — and it’s not hard to understand why.

Zivo noted: “Youth should not be told that it is acceptable to use hard drugs while having sex. And while people have a right to their fetishizes, and should know how to safely partake in them, this kind of material is obviously inappropriate for young teenagers.” Obviously, I would support a substantially higher bar than Zivo, but the fact that sex-ed is now so obviously inappropriate (and I would argue, objectively harmful and immoral) that journalists with mainstream media outlets find it worthy of comment is definitely a development. 

Perhaps that is because it is becoming increasingly impossible for those who wish to silence this discussion to sound credible. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can claim that actual photographs of actual public school sex-ed materials are “American disinformation” or “anti-LGBT” activists trying to fear-monger to parents, but that is transparently ridiculous. This isn’t American sex-ed, it’s Canadian sex-ed – and someone as sexually progressive as Trudeau should just own it and defend it. The fact that he – and every other progressive questioned on this – is so desperate to avoid championing the specifics of this stuff is very revealing.  


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