Why is it okay for children to see nudity now?

By Jonathon Van Maren

In his most recent reincarnation, formerly Catholic columnist Michael Coren is now in the strange position of being a sexual progressive, but late enough to the game that he doesn’t have anything new to say. Having gone the way of many Christians who find their principles too feeble to withstand the current cultural winds, he has now joined the chorus and is attempting to sing louder than the rest of the choir in hopes that he will be noticed and that the left-wing elites will see that he is, in fact, a good boy now. He does this, of course, by attacking Christians whenever he can.

I only bring this up because I spotted in my Twitter feed Coren’s attempt to sneer at yesterday’s March for Life. Coren, you see, also used to be pro-life and used to oppose suicide, but swiftly abandoned those positions when he realized that he couldn’t oppose the physical destruction of human life in the womb and still get invited to the cool parties. So now, like a good progressive, he dutifully (the attempts seem perfunctory, but perhaps its simply his lack of wit) takes shots at his former readers whenever he can.

The irony here is that the man sneering at the March for Life is the same man who proudly went to the Toronto Pride Parade last year. Back in 2007, Coren wrote that parents were “empty-headed” for “taking vulnerable and powerless little children to Gay Pride,” which seems like a fair enough point. I don’t know a lot of people who would defend the exposure of male adult genitalia to little children, even those who agree with—as I do—2007 Michael Coren’s closing statement that “gay men and women deserve respect and dignity.”

Coren, of course, has forgotten such things. In his proud column describing his attendance, he now dismisses such concerns out of hand. The 2016 Pride Parade featured nude men strolling past children. A lot of them. Leaving aside the guys in bondage gear, for a moment—which is surely something people think inappropriate for children—are there actually people who are willing to defend nude, adult men strolling past pre-pubescent children? Is Coren willing to say that it is simply no big deal for a small child to see a strange man’s genitalia? He once called that “abusive.” It’d be interesting to know if he’s changed his mind on that, too.

It’s always fascinating to watch the transformations that the new post-Christian Christians go through in order to “fit in” with today’s modern culture. First, belief in traditional marriage has to go, usually accompanied, as Coren’s switch was, by cringingly maudlin apologies for their previous bigotry. Then, the belief that a human being developing in the womb of his or her mother cannot be violently destroyed through chemicals, forceps, or a suction aspirator must be dispensed with. For the Sexual Revolution, sacrifices must be made. Then, assisted suicide—the ultimate self-harm—is embraced. And finally, it is deemed acceptable for children to see naked adult men strolling past them.

It’s easy to poke fun at the March for Life, because left-wingers will giggle on cue at the thousands of men and women who arrive to express their belief in the sanctity of human life. But Coren, presumably, will march in a parade later this summer that will destroy the innocence of all those children who see it. One Gay Pride marcher wrote as much in one Toronto publication a couple of years ago, musing that the sooner children were exposed to the crazy and the freaky, the sooner they’d get over hangups they might have about things like wearing bondage gear. These are Coren’s new allies—people who think that children should see these things because it will give them ideas. I can’t even make fun of that the way he likes to mock pro-lifers. It’s just horribly, horribly sad.


8 thoughts on “Why is it okay for children to see nudity now?

  1. José Bregel says:

    It’s disgusting that kids at those events see grown men walk around naked…like what about protecting their innocence… they don’t need to see grown naked men wearing bondage gear… it’s gross.

    • Marie says:

      I wonder about Coren’s sanity. He seems to have done some switching in his “faith”, going, I understand from a protestant belief to catholicism, and now to “what”?

  2. Anne says:

    I’m going to suggest that Michael Coren was never Catholic or Christian, but simply posed as one in a ‘bait and switch’ operation. 1) Pose as a member of the targeted group, pretend you think like them and 2) offer them a ‘truth sandwich’ : good truth on the outside with an element of lies on the inside. 3) Make target group look ridiculous. (This is important) 4) Switch positions and lead your followers to where you wanted them in the first place.

    So in this ‘good cop, bad cop’ scheme Michael is currently in the ‘bad cop’ position and showing his true colours.

  3. Tony says:

    Michael Coren changes his position whenever it suits him. He is one of the most inconsistent personalities I have ever met. Inconsistency is always the sign of a failed argument. Why anyone gives him a platform is beyond me.

  4. Big Al says:

    You are right on with that Anne, Not really sure if the author of this is writing against Coren or people He assuming have a like thinking to him. The problem is and always well be, those who claim to speak for any Group do not do so with the full support of many of those to whom they claim to be speaking for.Grouping All Christians together and suggesting we share all or many of his spoken or written word is absurd.when the time comes I will speak for myself thank you.

  5. Ursala says:

    Aren’t there laws against public nudity? Nudity in front of children. What is wrong with people. To prove a point your willing to strut your junk in front of little kids in public. Wowza. Be whatever you want but save the nudity for your own home.

  6. Marie says:

    What hypocrisy. If children were playing in a park and a pervert flashed his goods at them, he’d be charged. But its perfectly okay for these sickos to go strolling around with innocent children present at these parades. Our society is demented, including Trudeau and his wife exposing their kids to this debauchery.

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