Trudeau’s Liberals axe “Mr. and Mrs.” and “mother and father” to make government gender-neutral

By Jonathon Van Maren

If you thought Justin Trudeau learned his lesson from the #peoplekind episode, or the fact that his “gender” budget didn’t budge his plummeting poll numbers, or the revelation that staggeringly low numbers of Canadians actually call themselves feminists, then you were wrong. The Liberal efforts to do away with all gender-specific terminology in order to ingratiate themselves with the tiny segment of the Canadian population that actually cares about this “issue” have continued apace—and this time, terminology like Mr., Mrs., and Ms–as well as mother and father– are on the chopping block. From the CBC:

Service Canada employees who interact with the public are being asked to stay away from terms like Mr., Mrs., father and mother, and to use gender-neutral terms in their place, CBC News has learned. According to documents obtained by Radio Canada, the French-language arm of CBC, front-line staff must now “use gender-neutral language or gender-inclusive language.”

“This avoids portraying a perceived bias toward a particular sex or gender,” says a copy of speaking notes prepared for managers and team leaders.

“It is important that Service Canada, as an organization, reflects Canada’s diverse population and ensures that the views and interests of Canadians are taken into account when we develop policies, programs, services and initiatives,” says the directive.

The new guidelines also rule out using terms such as mother and father because they are “gender specific” and say the neutral word “parent” should be used instead. The same goes for honorifics such as Mr., Mrs., and Ms., and in both languages. Instead, employees are being directed to address customers by their full names or ask them what they want to be called.

This is precisely the sort of nonsense that irritates a lot of people, many of whom aren’t even particularly conservative, but simply don’t like to be bothered with all of the virtue-signalling and political correctness. Even the Toronto Star’s Chantal Hebert noted that Trudeau’s latest move has been met with ridicule, noting that,”The immediate reaction was overwhelmingly derisive, including from people otherwise supportive of efforts to normalize gender diversity. Some program hosts took to calling each other “comrade.” The Quebec government quickly shot down the notion that it might follow the federal example.” Further, Hebert wrote, Trudeau’s insistence on blundering into these issues may be opening up “a new front in a culture war they may yet come to regret.”

One of the reasons Trudeau’s poll numbers are lower than Trump’s at the moment is because Canadians are beginning to find their prime minister embarrassing. But Trudeau seems to have made a calculation—consciously or not—that pandering incessantly to the Canadian hard Left will reap electoral benefits for him, perhaps by outflanking the NDP. (I’m sure Jagmeet Singh would love to be warbling on about gender neutrality at the moment.) After all, it is obvious which constituency is pleased by this new move:

According to an official — who asked to remain anonymous because they are not authorized to speak on the issue — the new directive is already in place and has led to some difficult situations for civil servants. “It happens that we talk to people and we ask, ‘What is the name of parent number one?’ People do not understand,” said the official.

Helen Kennedy, executive director of the LGBT rights group Egale Canada, said her group is “very pleased” to hear about the changes. She said people who don’t fit into “neat boxes” often have uncomfortable and negative experiences accessing government programs.

She also urged the government to provide staff with training on why it’s important to properly gender people. “Otherwise there will be a state of confusion,” she said.

Conservative MP and Treasury Board critic Gérard Deltell said there are more important issues for the government to concentrate on right now.

“Maybe one day this government will decide to cancel each and every Mother’s Day or a Father’s Day,” he said.

In addition to the changes in how staff interact with the public, the directive indicates that Service Canada is also in the process of amending some service forms, including the Social Insurance Number application form. Canadians are already able to identify as gender ‘X’ on their passports.

The new directive also includes a warning that agency employees will be observed to ensure they are following the protocols. “Going forward, the proper use of gender-neutral language will also be added to the observations in the In-Person Quality Monitoring Program,” the directive said.

So there you have it. Thousands of employees will have to abandon perfectly acceptable terminology in order to pander to a tiny community of people who believe that there are more than two genders, or that “non-binary”—people who say they are neither male nor female—is a thing. Not only that, but the government must cater to this ideology, essentially enshrining it into all our official documents and accepting beliefs that conflict with biological reality. Employees will be watched to make sure they don’t violate these new speech codes, which they shouldn’t, because there will be training on how to “gender people.”

Trudeau is attempting to use the government to remake Canada to the specifications of the far-left fringe. So far, Mr. Trudeau—if I can call him that—has made a lot of headway.


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11 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Liberals axe “Mr. and Mrs.” and “mother and father” to make government gender-neutral

  1. Mike Cape says:

    Do we not have more important things to focus on Whats wrong with this Government I really thought that when he was voted in that we would become a greater country with his leadership instead well ill leave the conclusion to you because I dont think its right to swear and curse on a reply thank-you

  2. Karen Robertson says:

    I have now lost ALL respect for Prime Minister Trudeau. All this so called political correctness has gone way BEYOND RIDICULOUS !!! Between Trudeau and Wynne, our Country is heading for disaster.

  3. Fides Kukkola says:

    Eulnsumi Andi. Romanian cows are indeed very beautiful, but too beautiful to be defiled by Mr Trudeau. A swamp alligator would be better suited to Mr Trudeau. They would be compatible because they both are thick-skinned and have no respect for Canadians. Mr Trudeau will be very pleased to know that alligators do not discriminate against gender when they’re hunting a human for dinner. An alligator would love to kiss Mr Trudeau, and can be trusted to chew him up if he should fend off its advances. And, indeed, Mr Trudeau should play host to millions and billions of viruses, bacteria, and microbes and not discriminate against their entry into his body, which would be in line with his immigration policy It would be interesting to know if Mr Trudeau would hire ROBOTS as his staff members, or even as nannies and servants for his wealthy family. Robots can even replace all of the Liberal MPs because they behave the same way – programmed to say over and over, ad nauseum, the same Liberal Party cliches about supporting everything and everybody except the poor and middle class Canadians. Come to think of it, Mr Trudeau can just bring in a Robot of himself to continually repeat his monologues in the House of Commons. That way Mr Trudeau can find the time to dance on every stage and street corner in his Bollywood outfits and party all year at island resorts with donors to his trust fund.

  4. Carol says:

    So who is Parent number one?? Must be a male because Mr Trudeau is a male or is it Ms Wynne. Either way it is a lose lose situation on our hands.

  5. Bob says:

    Destroying the family unit as per U.N. agenda 21 and U.N. agenda 2030. Mostly drafted by elitists, bankers and eugenics socialists

  6. Kathy says:

    I take offense to this. I’m not “parent number 1” I’m mom… to a little girl who is amazing. I’m a Ms. And a woman not a people kind… its mankind and this man is an embarrassment to our nation

  7. Mike Phillips says:

    This is to eliminate gender bias?

    Then why are women getting away with murder in family courts and men are being destroyed even when they are protecting their children from their “mother”

    Judges are making decisions before even hearing a defendant speak. All they see is “man” vs. “woman”

  8. Diane Fornwald says:

    I am completely embarrassed by this continuing idiocy of this man and his government. I am a parent, I’m a Mom, I am a woman. I am not parent #1 or parent#2. If you identify as something else, just tell the Service Canada representatives. Do you really need to make it a law? Perhaps the government needs to respect the thoughts of ALL Canadians, not just assume we will be neutralized and happy about it. We should not be rendered sexless by this absurd notion. I certainly hope MR. Trudeau continues on with his ridiculous idea of equality as it will lead him down the road of defeat. Hurray for that.

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