A roundup of my columns from Turkey

For anyone interested, here is a roundup of my columns from Turkey (the last of which was just published today).

A day in Constantinople

The graveyards of Gallipoli

Walking the walls of Troy

My column on the Armenian genocide, which I have been working on for sometime, was posted by the Armenian ambassador to the Netherlands, the Armenian ambassador to Latvia-Lithuania, a director of the Armenian Assembly of America, and a number of scholars as well as a director of the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I was thrilled that it was so well-received (although less so by the Turkish detractors who immediately headed over to my Twitter feed with a vengeance.) Anyway, here it is:

A century later, 1.5 million murdered Armenians still haunt modern Turkey

And my final column:

Walking in the footsteps of the apostles–and touring sites of ancient persecution

I hope you enjoyed the reporting!


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