If Democrats take the Senate, America faces disaster

By Jonathon Van Maren

Predictably, the time for America to unify is immediately after the Democrats feel assured that a Democrat will be in the White House on January 20, 2021. Also predictably, they have entirely forgotten about the past four years. They are now claiming, as if none of us have had access to the media outlets that so faithfully stump for them, that they “accepted” Trump’s presidency, and that thus it is downright unAmerican for suspicious conservatives to launch a #NotMyPresident social media campaign. Wait, that was them. Last time. Awkward. Moving on.

If Republicans hold onto the Senate after the two Georgia runoff races, then perhaps Cocaine Mitch will be able to prevent Joe Biden from going whole hog on the Equality Act, and court-packing, and the rest of the transformation he and the carnivorous Kamala Harris have planned. But if they achieve the power they desire—and be assured, they will be pouring money into Georgia like desperate bidders—the backlash they want to unleash will be something to behold.

In case anyone thinks that is hyperbolic, let’s look at some evidence for that assertion.


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