Honduran lawmakers move to enshrine permanent protections for pre-born children

By Jonathon Van Maren

Despite a massive pro-life Blue Wave movement (and a solid pro-life majority), abortion was legalized in Argentina last month after a number of senators were pressured into switching their votes by far-left President Alberto Fernández. While abortion activists are pushing for further loosening of restrictions in Chile, other Latin American leaders spoke up to condemn the move. With Argentina’s fall, the fight over abortion in largely pro-life Latin American countries has been ratcheted up. The abortion movement, represented by their signature green apparel, smells blood.

For the past several years, the Blue Wave movement has been successfully pushing back, with significant victories in Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Chile. Now, legislators in Honduras are attempting a repeat of what the Irish accomplished in 1983 when they successfully inserted the 8th Amendment protecting life from conception into the Irish constitution, ensuring that it would be incredibly difficult to legalize abortion (the 8th Amendment saved hundreds of thousands of lives and held for 35 years, until it was repealed by referendum in 2018).

Abortion is illegal in all circumstances in Honduras, and pro-lifers are now pushing to pass a constitutional reform through Congress that, as The Guardian put it, “would make it virtually impossible to legalise abortion in the country — now or in the future.”


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