Washington Post columnist says its good for children to see “kink” at Pride Parades

By Jonathon Van Maren

If any conservative politician would say, into any microphone, that many LGBT activists are supportive of showing explicit adult sex acts to young children, the mainstream media would erupt with indignation. Accusations of pushing tropes about predatory LGBT people, of fearmongering and slander and deceit, would abound. How dare you, they would conclude, panting angrily.

Of course, if the LGBT movement is condemning social conservatives for pointing out the obvious, the key is to wait five or ten minutes. At that point, they will have moved on to defending that exact thing, while accusing us of being bigoted for opposing the thing we were bigoted for saying they supported. An educator told the Huffington Post that kids being exposed to sex acts at Pride Parades was just fine, because “nobody likes nakedness more than children.”

Then there was Canada’s state broadcaster, funded by the taxpayer, suggesting that people might take their kids to Pride and that your kids “will probably see boobs and penises. There will bodies of all shapes, sizes and in all states of undress. For parents like Ian Duncan, dad to 3-year-old Carson, this is all part of the appeal.” A three-year-old seeing naked adults, apparently, is just “a great opportunity for some interesting discussion.”

But Lauren Rowello’s recent column in the Washington Post, titled “Yes, kink belongs at Pride. And I want my kids to see it,” is in a category by itself.



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