Baby born alive after late-term abortion and “left gasping for two hours” before dying

One of the abortion industry’s most chilling secrets is the frequency with which babies are born alive and left to die after failed abortions (generally, late-term abortions.) This has already happened in Ireland, where abortion was recently legalized. In Canada, we have evidence of this occurring hundreds of times. These children are given both birth and death certificates. Government data has revealed that this occurs in the United States, as well. If you don’t believe me, listen to the head of the U.K.’s top abortion service explain what happens when babies are born alive. Planned Parenthood officials have also been forced to admit this in court documents. Nurses have described witnessing babies left to die. And of course, we have the testimonies of the precious few who have survived abortions.

Now, another awful story has surfaced—this one from New Zealand. From Gript:

A healthy baby was reportedly born alive after an unsuccessful late-term abortion, and was left to die in a New Zealand hospital. The baby was left gasping for two hours whilst healthcare workers refused to intervene, before dying.

According to Voice for Life, a healthcare student going by the pseudonym “Nicola” was reportedly traumatised by witnessing the ordeal. Nicola had said that the mother was over 21 weeks pregnant when she came in for the abortion.

“Normally a late-term abortion is performed on babies that have medical issues, but this baby was completely healthy – so instead of using an infanticide injection to stop the heart from beating before expelling the baby from the womb, the mother was just induced”.

Due to the method of delivery, Nicola explains that it is common for the baby to be born alive and that “in these situations, the baby is just left to die”. She said that other healthcare workers who witnessed the abortion justified it by saying that the mother had “financial and housing issues”, despite recognising that the death of the baby was “sad”.

“We wouldn’t do that to an animal. I was horrified” Nicola said. “We didn’t empower this woman by leaving her child to suffer and die like that. When she left the hospital, she was still in need of support and help for her situation. All we did was end the life of her baby in a drawn-out and cruel way. It’s actually vile and disgusting that any human would be treated that way.”

According to Right to Life UK, the Abortion Legislation Bill was introduced and passed in New Zealand in 2020 by Primer Minister Jacinda Ardern’s government. In light of this Bill, MP Simon O’Connor proposed the Care of child born after abortion amendment, which would require medical attention for a baby born alive after an unsuccessful abortion. The amendment was rejected by the government, including by Prime Minister Ardern.

Speaking on this tragic case to Voice for Life, Simon O’Connor MP said: “We were told that my amendment was not necessary, yet here we are in a situation with a baby born alive, left to die alone – and it’s just awful.”

Babies are born alive and left to die after abortionists tried to kill them—in Western democracies where pro-lifers are damned as extremists. Never forget it, and never stop speaking out.

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