The simple reasons parents want to shut down Drag Queen Story Hour

By Jonathon Van Maren

As conservative activists consistently expose the LGBT movement’s agenda for children, the media is kicking into high gear to defend their territorial gains at all costs.  

Legislation protecting children is labeled “homophobic” or “transphobic,” and accusations of endangering children are leveled (a sick irony, but the gaslighting is real). Despite the hundreds of videos of sexually explicit drag performances being put on for children, journalists rush to insist that anyone pointing out the obvious is a sinister conspiracy theorist. 

The latest defence of Drag Queen Story Hour is a 2,300-word essay by Tim Jonze at The Guardian titled “‘I’m just trying to make the world a little brighter’: how the culture wars hijacked Drag Queen Story Hour.” According to a wide-eyed and bewildered Jonze, the growing anger of parents is just confusing.

“How have we reached a place where these joyful events are seen as a threat to infants?” he asks, while remaining completely committed to avoiding finding the answer to that perfectly reasonable question. Jonze, as it turns out, took his own three-year-old to a pub for a drag event back in 2020, and said that all the kids at the pub loved it. 

Thus, Jonze is horrified that Drag Queen Story Hour has proven controversial to many people who do not write for The Guardian and other media arms of the LGBT movement: 

This summer, groups including the far-right and conspiracy theorists calling themselves “sovereign citizens” have been holding up signs saying “Welcome groomers” and “Nonce upon a time” outside libraries in places from Bexleyheath to Reading when Drag Queen Story Hour events were due to take place. Parents entering the libraries had questions shouted at them about why they were taking their children to see a paedophile. Videos of the protests in Reading were posted online and looked terrifying. It was a scene you might expect to see in the US, where homophobic Christian groups have long maligned large parts of the LGBTQ+ movement and their allies as “groomers”. But in Reading?

Jonze, of course, could do a bit of research and find out why parents are so upset. There’s the fact that a registered sex offender charged with 25 counts of child pornography was one of the drag queen readers. Or the fact that U.K. Drag Queen Story Hour tweeted out the pedophile slogan “Love has no age!” (that’s not a conspiracy theory—here’s the screenshot). Or the documented instances of children getting flashed at these events. Or the fact that a primary school brought a drag queen named “Flowjob” in to read to small children. Or that a drag troupe called “Glitter Hole” — their logo is a bare bottom with the word “HOLE” beneath it — was invited to read to children at a library, possibly as a nice break from their performances including strap-on genitalia and other sex acts better left undescribed. 


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