Sobbing teen says girls shouldn’t go into neutral changerooms alone after boys walk in

By Jonathon Van Maren

A couple of years ago, I posted a video to Twitter that went viral, racking up 6 million views. It featured two interviews after a school voted to permit biological boys identifying as girls into female changerooms and bathrooms.

The student identifying as transgender was euphoric. A young female swimmer, however, fought tears as she explained that she was terrified a boy would see her naked. Her fear and sadness struck home with many people. Girls and women are suffering from having to share their space with biological boys, but their safety and security has been sacrificed in order to affirm the identities of males.

It is worth remembering what this impact is – girls are often the silent victims of these new gender-neutral polices. Many girls at many schools have simply refused to use the bathroom. In fact, high school girls have risked infection and dehydration to avoid using a bathroom where they might encounter a male.

Both teachers and parents have demanded that there be female-only spaces; unfortunately, trans activists have won the war over language, and thus the gender ideologues can glibly reply that the biological boys saying they are girls are girls, and that there is no issue at all except for “transphobia.”

Another video is going viral on Twitter that I think everyone should watch. Those who support neutralizing all bathrooms should have this video forced into all of their feeds.


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