The UK’s National Health Service advises against both “social transitioning” and sex changes for minors

By Jonathon Van Maren

The United Kingdom has been ground zero in the transgender culture wars for several years now. On one hand, no country has clamped down on free speech in a more draconian fashion, with the police being sent to people’s homes over “transphobic” social media posts. On the other hand, the High Court has delivered de-transitioner Keira Bell a win, and the National Health Service’s Tavistock gender clinic was shut down after an independent review concluded that “gender-affirming” (read: sex change treatments) practices had badly damaged children. Up to 1,000 families are launching a massive class-action lawsuit against the gender clinic.

In the wake of the report affirming that the gender clinic was “not safe for children,” the NHS has been working on new guidelines for gender dysphoric children. These are to address the concerns laid out in the report, especially concerns with puberty blockers and surgical interventions at a young age. Reuters has purportedly obtained a copy of the new guidelines, and they appear to be a significant step in the right direction—that is, a step away from the so-called “gender-affirming” model. According to Reuters:

The draft guideline says that if NHS professionals decide a patient should not be taking puberty blockers or hormone treatments obtained privately, they can advise the patient’s primary care doctor to initiate “safeguarding protocols.” The draft does not spell out why safeguarding measures would be taken or what that would entail. But under NHS protocols, “safeguarding teams” are made up of representatives of the police, medical and social services professionals who are responsible for ensuring a child’s safety and well-being. The NHS has previously said it “strongly discouraged” people from sourcing gender-affirming medications online from providers that are not regulated within the UK.

The draft guidelines call for “local authorities to be alerted in some cases where young people have obtained puberty blockers and hormone therapies on the private market,” a step towards shutting down the trans activists who have created a lucrative business peddling testosterone and other cross-sex hormones to gender-confused kids over the internet.—A report by the Daily Mail back in 2018 indicated how easy it is for children, coached by activists on social media, to make these purchases with credit cards.


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